Monthly Stuff: December 2016

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I want to try something new and share monthly updates.  Not really a what I’ve been up to, at l east for now.  This may evolve into more, but for now it’s going to be monthly stuff to share, like new blogs, things I love, what I’m planning, and a brief little destination and thing wishlist.  Since my timeline isn’t very current, I’m hoping this helps out with that a little bit.

New Blogs I Like

Lost With Purpose – I just found Lost With Purpose a couple weeks ago and love it.  They’ve mainly traveled through Central Asia , which if you’ve been here before, you know I am obsessed with.  They have great detailed budgets for each country and give border crossing reports along with just regular awesome adventures.  If you’re looking for somewhere a little more off the beaten path, give them a read.

Melyssa Griffin – I’ve been reading all kinds of blogging blogs and business blogs and i stumbled on Melyssa Griffin, and I love it!  She has all kinds of tips on running an online business, growing your audience, and using Pinterest to your advantage.  She has tons of resources and is definitely worth a visit if any of that interests you.

Things I Love Right Now

Hydro Flask Water Bottle – I LOVE this water bottle.  I bring it everywhere with me.  I have the 40 oz.  I’m glad I got this size because it lasts me a while.  I don’t have to constantly fill it up.  It gets heavy, so if that’s a concern, try a smaller one.  They have 32 oz, 24 oz, and 12 oz.  If hot beverages are more your ting, they have coffee travel mugs, too.

Kindle Paperwhite – Again, I LOVE this.  This also goes everywhere with me.  I have it loaded up with about 200 books and have read a good portion of those.  It’s super light, perfect for travel or at home, and you can read in the sun or in the dark without a single problem.  If you do already have one, check out Book Bub for tons of free or super cheap books.

What I’m Planning

The only thing in the works right now is a trip home for a couple weeks between jobs in April.  The plan (so far) is to drive back and make a stop at the Badlands again and maybe the Wind Cave.

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Place And Things Wishlist

Brazil – I’ve never had a huge desire to go to Brazil, but after reading more about it on Alex in Wanderland, it’s got me.  It looks so colorful and tropical, but not in a beachy way, and I just really want to go now.  I love Latin America and have wanted to backpack across South America, but wasn’t sure about Brazil.  Not anymore!

Russia – A Dangerous Business got me on this one.  And making some Russian friends over the summer.  She went on a Viking River Cruise to Moscow and St. Petersburg.  I never realized there was so much cool architecture!  Everything looks like it could be on a cake.  I would definitely love to visit, maybe part of a Central Asia trip?

External Hard drive – I have one already, but I keep seeing that things should be backed up more than once and that makes me nervous, so this is on my buy very soon list.

Minnetonka Fringey Boots – On a less necessary note, I’ve wanted fringey boots for a while now and I already know I love Minnetonka shoes.  I have a pair of moccasins, which I highly recommend, and these super cute shoes.

Which section is your favorite?  What do you want to know more on and read more of?


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