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Off the Path Utah: Painted Hills

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This was one of the best sunsets I’ve seen.  And I saw a lot of fantastic sunsets over Lake Powell this summer.  And the timing couldn’t have been better.  From the day I moved in, I decided I needed to climb these hills.  I actually sort of tried my first day there, but couldn’t make it because of a little wash thing and actually wouldn’t have been able to just go up the front.  It is possible, but read on for that.


From everything in Bullfrog, pretend like you’re leaving the park, but don’t actually leave.  There will be a couple big round white buildings on the left, park by those, or if you’re walking, just go towards them.  There’s a little road that goes up, follow that, then just keep going up to the top of the hill.  It’s pretty easy and totally worth it.

Another way is to go around the corner past those white things, still on the main road, then on the left just walk right up that.  That’s the easiest way.  Towards the top of the hill if you keep walking away from Bullfrog, along the ridge, you’ll have to go over, under, or through a fence.  Just be prepared for that.  Like I said, totally worth it.


The views at the top are wonderful  You get the lake and Navajo Mountain on one side then the Henry Mountains behind you.  You can walk along the top of this ridge the whole way around to what I call Sleeping Beauty, because it looks like her from behind our dorm.  Definitely give yourself a couple hours if you want to do that.  That’s also totally worth it and the views are all wonderful.


If you’re really determined, you can just climb right up the front of these, walking out onto the rocks behind the RV Park.  This would be pretty difficult, but it is possible.  We did go down this way because we were running out of daylight.  I was a little nervous, but I managed alright.  It may take a little wandering if you go up this way to find the most navigable way over the base rocks.

v2_img_1788v2_img_1791Hiking in Bullfrog utahoff the beaten path utah

Have you been to Bullfrog?  What about the rest of Lake Powell?  Did you like it?  Do you want to go?

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