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5 Things I Love on Etsy

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I’ve always liked the idea of Etsy, but I didn’t actually buy anything from it until this summer, and now I think I have a problem.  My wish list goes on forever and I actually buy stuff on a more regular basis now.  I want to share with you a few of the things I really love from there so far.  There will be plenty more of these, I’m sure, as well as things on my wish list.

Mini Seastar Bobby Pins from Poppy Coast – These are so cute!  Fragile, because they’re real sea stars, but cute.  I’ll put them in with sock buns or in braids, like the picture.  They’re a little tricky to put in because of the star, but I’ll get the hang of it someday.  It just feels weird to wear them in the winter.  Won’t stop me, though!

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Baja Starfish Pinch Clip from Poppy Coast – This is a big sea star and I love it even more than the smaller ones!  I either wear this under a sock bun or pull some of my hair back with it.  I got the pinch clip instead of a barrette.  I figured it would be easier to use, and I was worried about breaking it with a regular barrette.

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Pencil Sea Star Bobby Pins from Poppy Coast – This is the last thing from poppy coast, for now.  I also put these in braids and around sock buns.  Sometimes I mix them with the other small sea stars.  These are a little easier to put in because the star doesn’t cover as much of the bobby pin.  It’s just easier to hold onto.

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Mercat Halloween Sticker from Danielle V Green – I actually got this as a sticker, but it isn’t available anymore.  I do really love this postcard though!  If you like cats, definitely check out her shop.  There are mercat pins and cats as David Bowe.  All of the illustrations are adorable, and I’ll definitely be back to buy more from her.  I mean, I REALLY need a mercat pin.

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Whale Drink Vinyl Sticker from Evie Grace Caldwell – This sticker is gigantic and  I love it!  I haven’t decided where to put it yet, but it’s gotta be spacious.  When I say it’s gigantic, I mean it.  It won’t fit on my Kindle without going around the sides.  It’s totally worth it, though.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for tons of other stuff.  Plenty more where this came from.

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Do you like Etsy?  What’s your favorite thing you’ve gotten from there?  Do you want anything from this list?

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