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It’s time for another reading list!  Like usual, I’ve been busy with a book in hand on pretty much a daily basis.  That’s one good thing about winter, it’s the perfect reading weather!  Especially when you have a car that isn’t optimal for snow.  So, buckle up (ha, car jokes) and get reading! (This post and these books!)

National Geographic Guide to National Parks – This is my go to book if I’m going to a new National Park.  I recently used it on our drive to and from Florida from Utah to read about Hot Springs in Arkansas, Rocky Mountain, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and Great Sand Dunes in Colorado.  It’s great to give an overview of different hikes in the different areas of the park as well as camping in the park.

36 Hours books from NY Times – I recently got three (Latin America and the Caribbean, US West Coast, and Northeast US and Canada) of these on super clearance, like $3-$5 each.  I couldn’t pass these up.  I haven’t had the chance to actually put them to use yet, but they are great to get an idea of what there is to do in a city or region regardless of the amount of time you will be spending there.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide – This is hilarious and will definitely make you want to go to Africa on a safari if you didn’t already want to.  These are all stories of guiding groups on safaris in Botswana and they will get you laughing.  He has two other books (Don’t Look Behind you! and How to Walk a Puma) that I haven’t read, but would definitely like to.

How Not to Travel the World – Lauren Juliff of Never Ending Footsteps is one of my favorite bloggers and she got me super excited about visiting Taiwan.  This book is a collection of some of her best, what she calls, Incidents.  These are pretty hilarious and definitely worth a read.

Life on Foot: Walking Across America – I’ve probably mentioned this a long time ago, I’m sure I have, but I still really enjoy this one.  It’s the tale of Nate Damm walking, well, across the US.  This was what made me want to walk something really far, even though I still haven’t.  A Walk in the Woods and Wild have also made me want to walk far or do a cool hike, but I’m definitely not prepared for any of that.

Walking the Gobi: A 1600 Mile Trek Across A Desert of Hope and Despair – This fueled not only my obsession with Mongolia, but the other one of walking somewhere crazy.  This couple has walked across the Arctic and Sahara, but this is about the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.  They set off with two camels to carry supplies, Tom and Jerry, and this is the story of all the ups and downs of walking across a desert.

Honeymoon With my Brother – After being left days before their wedding, Franz Wisner and his brother decide to go on the honeymoon together anyways.  This is where a plan is hatched to travel the world together for months on end.  This is definitely a good read and  gives a look at all kinds of places.

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What travel books do you love?  Have you read any of these?  Which ones?  Did you like them?

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