Monthly Stuff: January 2017

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Ahh, January, the start of a new year.  I didn’t think 2016 was completely horrible, but I still look forward to what 2017 has to offer.  January has been sort of exciting I guess, but as usual in winter, I haven’t done much.  It’s been weird seeing pictures from trips over the last 5 years.  I haven’t been home right now, or in the snow, in a few years now.  Onto the good stuff now.

New Blogs I Love

Un-Fancy – The idea of minimalism and downsizing has been growing on me.  That’s when I found Un-Fancy and I love it!  I really enjoy seeing the capsule wardrobe ideas and have been trying to pare down my wardrobe recently making it a bit more universal, too.

Adventures of Lil Nicki – I just found her blog the other day and read all of the Central Asia things.  She went to Tajikistan recently and is leaving for Antarctica soon and I cannot wait to read about all of it!  Ashlyn also just got back from Antarctica and the pictures on Facebook are so fun, I can’t wait to read about that too.

Things I Love Right Now

My Laptop – This is a newer version of mine, which is from 2012 I think?  I’ve been thinking about upgrading over the next year sometime, but I’m just not ready to get rid of dear, sweet Patrice (my laptop) yet.  It’s not the most compact and lightweight choice, but I still love it.  It still has the CD drive, which I like for movies since I don’t have a TV.

Peachish – This is my new favorite Etsy shop.  i got a bunch of earrings and the Sea Unicorn Pin, which are all awesome!  The pin is so cute and I wear the earrings a ll the time now.  Stay tuned for an Etsy post including them.

What I’m Planning

Still just my trip home in April, then back to Utah.  A small trip to Idaho Falls sometime in the next couple months, too.

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Things And Places Wishlist

Reusable Produce Bags – Exciting, right?  I’m trying to be more green and use less plastic, so I want to invest in these produce bags and this set of bags, too.  I also decided to try not to buy any plastic water bottles this year.  So far I’m doing great.

Macbook Watercolor Map Decal – I just saw this last week and love it.  I found it in a hard shell once, but it’s tough to find.  This is one of those things I didn’t know I was looking for until I found it.

Tajikistan – As I mentioned above, Adventures of Lil Nicki just went there and the pictures are amazing!  I would highly recommend taking a look at her posts.  Lost With Purpose is also really great for the rest of Central Asia.

New Zealand  – I went to New Zealand five years ago, and I want to go back more and more every day.  I’ve been sharing more pictures from my trip there on Instagram.

Which section is your favorite?  What do you want to know more on and read more of?

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