My Favorite Coffee Shops Around The World

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It’s no secret that I love coffee.  I make it every morning, and when I travel, it’s one of the first things I look for upon arrival: an adorable coffee shop (bonus if it has food).  I’ve spent my fair share of time in coffee shops, think months worth of time, reading, doing Internet things, and just hanging out.  Here are some of my favorites from around the world.

The Goat Coffee House – Eau Claire, Wisconsin

336 Water St.

Eau Claire, WI 54703


Monday – Friday     6:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday   7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday   9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

I love this little coffee shop.  The sandwiches are delicious!  I’d recommend the Peppadew, no turkey, with spinach, goat cheese, and hummus.  (I’m sure it’s still delicious with turkey, I just haven’t tried that.)  It can get pretty busy during the school year with people doing homework, so keep that in mind if you plan on visiting.

Raw Deal – Menomonie, Wisconsin

603 South Broadway

Menomonie, WI


Sun.: 9AM – 6PM

Mon. – Thurs.: 6:30AM – 8PM

Fri. & Sat.: 6:30AM – 10PM

This was my go to place to do homework in college.  Everything is raw vegan, except some of the coffee that has milk in it.  They brew their own beer now and also have wine.  This place is huge and awesome and is the perfect place to spend an afternoon reading, writing, or playing one of the many games they have.  They also have events on a pretty regular basis.  I love this place.

Publik Coffee Roaster – Salt Lake City, Utah

975 S West Temple

Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Mon.-Fri.: 7AM-6PM  |  Sat.-Sun.: 8AM-6PM

This is my go to coffee shop when I’m in Salt Lake for anything.  I spent so many hours here before going down to Bullfrog.  The coffee is delicious, the atmosphere is enjoyable, and they have a small food selection as well.

Blue Copper Roasters – Salt Lake City, Utah

179 West 900 South

Salt Lake City, Utah

(385) 222-7046

Mon. – Fri.:6:30AM – 7PM

Sat. – Sun.: 7:30AM – 7PM

So, these aren’t Blue Copper.  I don’t actually have any pictures of it.  The first is the Temple in Salt Lake, the other is in Park City.  Sorry.  This is a cozy little shop that I went to on accident when I was looking for a restaurant which ended up being right across the street.  Oh well.  They have delicious coffee, not tons of seating, but enough, and lots of coffee brewing accessories and tools.

Atticus Coffee, Books, and Teahouse – Park City, Utah

738 Main St

Park City, UT 84060

(435) 214-7241

Winter hours: Daily 7AM – 6PM

This place is so cozy and they have delicious sandwiches!  The coffee is wonderful and they have all kinds of books for sale and some little gift type things.  This is right on the main street of the cute Park City downtown area.  I would definitely recommend it.  Seating is a bit sparse, though, and you do have to pay for parking.  Just so you know.

Kelly on the Gros Ventre – Kelly, Wyoming

4490 Lower Gros Ventre Rd

Kelly, WY 83011


Closed in the winter, here are the summer hours:

Mon. – Sat.: 7AM – 5PM

Sun.: 10AM – 5PM

This place is so cute and delicious.  And you might even see bison in the area!  They have an awesome view of the Tetons and are the perfect place to eat if you’re camping in Gros Ventre, which I would totally recommend.  The sandwiches are huge and the iced coffee is refreshing in the summer heat.

La Terraza – San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

Calle 8

San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

+502 4720 1590

Mon. – Sat.: 8AM – 5PM

I ate here SO MUCH.  The smoothies are super delicious and wonderfully cheap.  The food is tasty and the view is unbeatable.  They have delicious breakfast and lunch food.  The iced coffee is wonderful.  The shop itself is really cute.  What I’m saying is, GO HERE.

El Gato Negro – San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Calle del Tropezon at the intersection of Avenida Central

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

505 8819 7093

Open daily: 7AM – 3PM

The brownies here are heavenly!  They have tons of food for breakfast and they’re pretty delicious, along with the passion fruit juice.  The menu is pretty much a short book, which they have tons of, but watch out, if you’re reading one of their books, they will tell you to buy it or stop reading.  It’s not a library.  The wifi is a little spotty.  Weird book rules and wifi aside, I spent a lot of time here and really enjoyed the food.  They also have coloring stuff and tarot cards to use (without getting yelled at).

Somebody Cafe – Taipei, Taiwan

2F, No.65 Chengdu Rd

Taipei, Taiwan

The name and address in Chinese, just in case.

886 2 2311 237
Open daily: 10AM – 10PM

I didn’t try the food here, but the brown sugar latte and other coffee beverages were delicious.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the matcha latte, though.  The atmosphere is relaxed and the design of the cafe and all of it’s things is really fun.  One of my visits there they gave me a few postcards to write that they would send, so that was kind of exciting.

Jaibei Puzi – Hualien, Taiwan

No. 8 Jieyue Street

Hualien 970, Taiwan

Again in Chinese just in case:

886 3 832 2575

I couldn’t find the hours for this.

I went here two of the mornings I was in Hualien.  I took a taxi from my hostel, Colorful Taiwan, costing about 200NTD (I think), and then I would wander around and walk back in the afternoon.  The breakfast I has was a little weird, and the menu is only in Chinese, so be prepared or be spontaneous.  The coffee and ginger milk tea was delicious.  I spent a couple hours here reading both days.  It’s a good place to go in the morning before heading to the Hualien Cultural and Creative Industrial Park.  This is better to go to on weekends as more things are available.

Byron Bay CafeTokyo, Japan

3-2-12 Nishiasakusa


Taito 111-0035, Tokyo Prefecture

In Japanese:

カフェ バイロンベイ
81 3-5830-7984
Closed Wednesday
Sat. & Sun.: 10AM – 12:30PM, 6PM  – 12AM
Mon., Tues., Thurs.: 6PM – 12AM
Fri.: 6PM – 1AM

I looooved this place.  I feel like I went there more than two mornings, but I could be wrong.  The iced coffee is fantastic, and I wish I could drink it right now.  They serve vegan and vegetarian friendly food, which I never had but it all looked wonderful.  Everyone that went there was friendly as was the owner.  Foreigners also get a discount, which was exciting.  I didn’t take any pictures inside, but those things were in the alley right next to it.

Cafe Opal Kyoto, Japan

〒 605 0805 Higashiyama-ku

Kyoto-shi Yamato Oji Road Avenue Shijo Shimouru 3

chome Hakata cho 68

(I’m not actually sure how that address should be separated)

81 75-525-7117

Closed Tuesday and third Wednesday

Thurs. – Mon.: 12PM – 9PM

I found this one day when I was wandering around trying to find a temple.  I couldn’t find it and ended up at a different one, then here.  I am so glad!  I had a taco bowl thing which was just what I needed, without the ketchup.  The iced coffee is wonderful and the atmosphere is super laid back.  It’s a cute little cafe that can be hard to find.  It’s down an alley and tucked back a little bit.  I passed it and went back to see what it was.

Cafe Bibliotec Hello – Kyoto, Japan

650 Seimeicho Nijo Yanaginobanba Higashi iru

Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0951, Kyoto Prefecture

 Cafe Bibliotec Hello
81 75-231-8625
Open daily: 11:30AM – 12AM

I got us horribly lost on our walk here, but once we got there the coffee was delicious, the couch was comfy, and it was generally a cozy place.  There are books allover and plenty of seating.  The wifi was good, too.  I would have gone back here if I had more time in Kyoto, but unfortunately I was a bit limited.

How to have a more green coffee experience:

  • Bring your own travel mug if you want it to go.  Get a ceramic one to cut down on plastic use.  I would highly recommend watching Plastic Paradise on Netflix.
  • If you’re staying there, ask for it in a ceramic mug instead of a paper cup.  If you’re at a coffee shop at home, bring your own mug if they don’t have them.
  • If you get a pastry or something at, say, Starbucks, and plan on eating it there, ask for it on a plate instead of in a bag that would just get thrown away right away.

the-best awesome-1Have you been to any of these?  Which ones?  What are your favorite coffee shops?

49 thoughts on “My Favorite Coffee Shops Around The World

  1. It’s so nice that you have your own “places” to go to when you visit often! I often go to Vilnius and Tallinn, but honestly, most of the times I am so tired that I don’t even go for a dinner in the evening, even in the hotel, just grab something in the store, eat it and take a long bath with my tea there. I guess my ultimate coffee/tea shop remains at home or inside the hotel room 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s my favorite. Lucky there’s so many in Prague! I’ve been working in the middle of nowhere the last year, so there’s no coffee shops available unfortunately haha

  2. Wow, all of them look amazing… That’s a pity we won’t be around any of them soon! I can recommend Dalmayr cafe in Munich – it’s located in old traditional Bavarian house and they have the best apple strudel ever! 🙂

  3. These are absolutely ADORABLE! Kelly on the Gros Ventre looks like my kind of place – especially with that view! I love exploring local coffee shops, and I’m so happy you added those ‘greener’ tips – makes my ‘inner hippie’ (as I like to call her) happy!

  4. Makes me feel like drinking coffee right now! Its so funny cause I learned to drink coffee in Colombia like almost a year ago and I really like these small places where you can go and have your favorite 🙂

  5. Lovely post. All these coffee shops look amazing and i’m sure they taste even better. So glad I can add them to my list of places to try!!

  6. A fellow coffee person here! It’s even in the name of my blog. I didn’t see those cafes when I went to Taiwan. I am going back hopefully by the end of this year and when I do I will make sure that I will hang out in a cafe. The only thing that I was able to do was buy coffee, not hang out. It’s impressive, you’ve been to many cafes already around the world. I hope to do that do.

    1. I went to soooo many in Taiwan, it’s crazy. I was there for a month though, so I had a lot of time. Hopefully I’ll be able to add a lot more to this! And have a super fun time back in Taiwan! So jealous!

  7. Love this! Nothing beats a good cup of coffee in a cozy setting! Never been to any of these ones, so will make sure to note them done for future reference!

    1. Yes! The terrace has delicious cheap smoothies and Raw Deal has delicious less cheap smoothies haha. If you’re ever in Jackson Hole, WY, try the Healthy Being Juicery. Expensive, but the Green Flash is sooooo good!

  8. Lovely post. Even if I am more a tea drinker than a coffee lover, all these coffee shops look amazing and I’m sure they taste even better. Thanks for sharing !

  9. Thanks for this! I’d probably try those coffee shops in Taiwan, I’m visiting next week! I’m such a coffee lover, I can’t even go a day without it 😬

  10. Never been to any of these cities – and that’s great! Saving your post for the future! I totally love coffee

  11. From one coffee lover to another, I love this post! Coffee shops is something I always research before I go travelling too. Currently living in Seattle so I am spoiled for choice (I don’t understand why so many people go to Starbucks in a city that has independent coffee shops on every other corner). If you ever find yourself coming to Seattle let me know – I can give you plenty of places to try!

    1. Ohh lucky you have so many! I’ve been in the middle of nowhere for almost a year so I don’t have any nearby. I’ll definitely keep that in mind about Seattle! I’d love to go back someday!

  12. Ahh these all look so cool! And it seems like you and I have similar taste in coffee shops 😉 I’ve never been to any of these but finding cool/cozy cafes is one of my favourite things to do when I travel. Awesome list! Have pinned for later 😀

  13. I chuckled at the part about how they yelled at you in Gato Negro for reading their books. I guess they should lock them in a vitrine! 😀 I love a good coffee, plus if there is decent wifi – I´m sold!

  14. I loooove El Gato Negro! That was my favorite day time hangout in SJDS.
    I’ll have to keep the Salt Lake City ones in mind, it’s on the map real soon. Thanks for sharing (:

    1. Me too! I went there almost every day. If anyone needed me, they looked there haha. There’s so many coffee shops in SLC, hopefully I’ll see more this summer!

  15. I’m totally obsessed with coffee and the local cafés of wherever I happen to be, so I love this post!! The café culture in Paris is great, but a totally different flavour [ha ha] from the States, which I miss. The pictures are all so lovely!

      1. Ha ha it’s a little dangerous though because finding the best bakeries and cafés around here is rapidly turning into an obsession of mine! You’re welcome!

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