Admiring The Henry’s From The Elephant Skin

Along Burr Trail, and a lot of the Interstate between Grand Junction and Hanksville, is this gray kitty litter-elephant skin stuff.  How official does that sound?  I’ve always enjoyed looking at it and after setting up camp along Burr one night, we decided to climb it, finally.

This stuff is super weird, like squishy.  It sort of reminded me of walking on the blue floor of a gymnastics place.  Except it sort of crumbled under your feet and filled your shoes.  That was the easy part though.  Once we got higher up, near that vertical part, it was solid, but would just sort of break off when you stepped on it.  This meant you had to test it a little before actually stepping on it to make sure it wouldn’t break.


I have to say I was a little terrified going up, but a little more going down since I didn’t want to end up rolling all the way down.  Once I got onto the gray stuff I just kind of started sliding down avoiding rocks.  It was totally worth the climb and everything though because we had perfect views of the Henry Mountains with a fantastic sunset.


I don’t know if I would recommend climbing this stuff unless you’re sure footed and not afraid of heights.  This wasn’t my favorite hike, but I did really enjoy it and it didn’t take all that long.  We were able do get up then back down and to the campsite within two hours, just as it was getting dark.

What is your favorite hike that you’ve done?  Which was the toughest and why?

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