How To Use Viraltag + A Review

I’m switching things up today and writing a review.  Yup, you read that right, a review.  I started using Viraltag two weeks ago on a trial and love it.  It’s cut down what I have to do daily and I didn’t realize I needed it until I was using it.  I had read about schedulers for like, way too long, but never really understood them.  Ha.  Now I get it.

What is Viraltag?

Viraltag is a social media scheduler.  You can set it up with Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.  I’ve only used it for Pinterest so far, but have really liked it and will definitely use it Facebook in the future.

How much does it cost?

There are a few different plans.  It starts at $24 a month for one user and ten social profiles.  Woah, isn’t that a little high you say?  Yes, yes it is (for me at least.)  But there is good news!  For Bloggers there is only a $9 price tag per month, but wait!  If you write an honest review (like this one) you get 6 months free!  Anyone have As Seen On TV or infomercial jobs available?


Ahh, the good part.  There are a few ways to schedule things.  You can schedule individual posts from websites if you download the Chrome Extension, which you actually need to schedule at all, really.  Once you’re on a a post you want to schedule, you can hover over a picture, hit schedule, choose the board(s) and pick a day and time for it to go out.  You can also schedule directly from Pinterest the same way.  That’s all  I thought I could do at first so I didn’t get the point of scheduling at all.  Then I  discovered bulk scheduling and it was a lifesaver.

To schedule in bulk, go to a board, or your feed, but I think specific boards are easier, and load a few rows of pins.  The more you scroll down, the more you have to choose from to schedule.

Next, click on the Viraltag icon on your Chrome toolbar.  This will open a page that looks like this and you can click on the pins you want to schedule.

pastedImage (5)

Once you select the ones you want, you hit schedule in the corner and see this:

pastedImage (6)

From there you can choose the board you want each pin to go on, and if you clone a post, you can choose different boards to go at different times.  If you select multiple boards for one post, they all go out at the same time.  Once everything is filled in (if it isn’t it will tell you) click schedule in the bottom right and choose a date, time, and intervals to go out.  I usually go 15-30 minutes between.  Then hit schedule and you’re done!

I started scheduling things over the full 24 hours to see when things got repinned the most so I could start pinning at more optimal times even though I didn’t know about that feature until last night.  It was my intention the whole time, I just forgot to look into it, but now I know what I’ll be doing.  (Keep reading for that.)

On your home page, you can see which pins go out when in a list or weekly calendar format.  Also on the homepage, you can click on reports to see engagement, repins, followers, all that good stuff.  You can also sort this by all time, week, and day.

pastedImage (3)pastedImage (2)pastedImage (1)

But it gets better!  You can also see which pins do the best and the best times to post!  I just discovered the time to post thing like, the day before I wrote this, so I didn’t really use it, but I definitely will be now.

pastedImagepastedImage (4)


I’m sure there are other features I haven’t figured out yet, but so far, I’ve really liked using Viraltag (enough to interrupt regular posting for this) and will continue using it.  I didn’t realize how convenient a scheduler would be until I wasn’t worrying about Pinterest anymore.  I spend a few hours scheduling a week then let it go and do it again the next week.  Now if I am on Pinterest I schedule things out instead of pinning them right away.  I would definitely recommend this if you want to take a little off your shoulders on a daily basis.  It’ll give you more time to work on writing and photos and everything else you love that isn’t social media.  Not that we don’t like social media, but it can be overwhelming.

There is no incentive for me here to make money, just to save.  I just want to let you know how much I like Viraltag and to get 6 free months because your girl is on a budget.  

Why you should use (1)Why you should use (2)


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