A Drive Down Gros Ventre Road

Most of my time on my days off in Wyoming over the winter was spent on Gros Ventre Road.  I would either be wandering around by ‘the spot’ or driving around looking for moose and other wildlife or seeing what was just a little farther down the road.  I really enjoyed these days.

v2_IMG_9587v2_IMG_9588v2_IMG_9708v2_IMG_9626I saw so many moose down this road, it was insane.  One of the first times at the spot we saw five baby bison and a momma moose with her baby just wandering around and eating in the same area.


Another time we saw a whole bison herd in the road and we got up close and personal with them.  I even saw my wolf waaaaay down past the Antelope Flats turnout a few weeks before we left for home.


I saw a dead elk.  I saw a Marten, a cute little almost weasel thing.  I saw tons of geese.  I loved this road.  I would love to get to see it in the summer when everything is in full bloom and green.  I would love to be able to drive past Slide Lake and see the rest of the road.  I would love to drive down Mormon Row.  Yes, I saw it last year, but I didn’t really appreciate it like this winter.  I would highly recommend a drive down Gros Ventre.  Looks like I need to head back, and hopefully sooner than later.


Have you been to the Gros Ventre area or the Tetons?  What do you think of it?  Do you want to go?

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