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You’ve already read of the songs that remind me of a place, but there are books that do the same.  I’m at the beach, or on the lake shore.  I’m in the car or in the desert sun.  These are the stories behind the books.


It was on the shelf taunting me for a few days.

“If it’s still there when I get back from Japan, I’ll take it,” I said.

I was on the beach on Malapascua grasping the 900 pages thinking why did I decide to carry this around for a month?  I started reading.  It started raining.  An iced coffee and three pork tacos later I was almost 200 pages in.  The entire week on Malapascua that book never left my side.  I carried it around my entire month in the Philippines and read it on every beach I went to after that first day.


I found the book exchange at my hostel and decided to take a look.  It was a sunny day in San Pedro, Guatemala.  I should have been out exploring, instead I hunkered down in my bunk and read.  And read.  And laughed.  And read some more.  I wasn’t in the mood to be social.  I almost wanted to go home.  But I didn’t.  I kept reading.  I pushed on.  I made friends.  I had a blast.

Gossip Girl

I was wandering the streets of Antigua, Guatemala when I found a huge indoor market, thing.  I went in.  I looked at the trinkets, the masks, the dishes I could never carry around as a backpacker, then I found the books way back in the corner.  I wanted something easy and I liked the show.  Gossip Girl came home with me.

The next day we wandered around Antigua some more and ended up at a park square, not the main one, but a side one.  We laid on a bench for a couple hours and read with the sun overhead and the breeze blowing.  A construction class walked by and they all stared at me.

It’s Only The Himalayas: And Other Tales Of Miscalculation From An Overconfident Backpacker

I was in Salt Lake City just because.  On my trip to Barnes and Noble I found a book.  This book.  I took it back to my Airbnb, curled up in bed and read.  And read some more.  I went out to the bathroom and ended up eating brownies and watching the only episode of Game of Thrones I’ve ever seen.  then I went back and read some more and laughed to myself and recently thought I should read that again.

A Walk In The Woods: Rediscovering America On The Appalachian Trail

I was at the first used bookstore I’ve ever been to.  It was in Florida and I found this book for $5.  I’ve always thought no, I don’t want to read that.  It doesn’t sound that good.  But I got it anyways.  We were driving from Florida to Arkansas and I read it the whole way.  I laughed.  I learned.  And I thought man, that would be cool to hike the Appalachian Trail.  And then I remembered I would not enjoy that. 

My Holiday In North Korea: The Funniest/Worst Place On Earth

I found this at Barnes and Noble, too.  I brought it back to Bullfrog and started it right away.  I was sitting in the sun in Brown Town with my water next to me quickly heating up from the unforgiving sun.  I read intently taking breaks to say hi to friends that came by.  I laughed at some of the absurdities.  I learned a lot from the weirdness.  I decided I need to read this again, too.  

Have you read any of these?  What book reminds you of a place?

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