Young Adult Books

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This is where you’ll find all of my favorite young adult books.  I’ll update this periodically as I read new things that I love.  You can find all of my other book-related posts on this page.  If you like fantasy, thrillers, and dystopian stories, you’ll find a lot here for you.

The Hunger Games (series)

I’m only what, ten years behind on this?  NBD.  Well, someone left the first book at the lodge and I claimed it.  I think you all know what happens, but Panem is formed in a post-apocalyptic America and forces children to fight for food for their district in the annual Hunger Games.  Don’t want to read it?  Try the movies instead. 

Divergent (series)

I picked this up with no idea what it was about.  The Divergent series takes place in a futuristic Chicago that is split into five factions.  At 16, everyone must choose which faction to live in for the rest of their lives and that decision can change everything.  Beatrice makes the choice and holds a dangerous secret.  You can also try these movies instead if you’re not a reader.


Darcy is off to college but has to put her plans on hold to publish her new teen novel, Afterworlds.  She lands in New York with a contract and nothing else and is taken under the wings of fellow authors.  We also get to read the Afterworlds story, alternating between Darcy’s life and her novel.  This one is kind of long, but I enjoyed it and it’s almost like reading two books at once.

Series of Unfortunate Events

This series is a classic.  I got book 5, Austere Academy, at a book fair in middles school I think.  I read that one and had to read them all.  The Baudelaire children live a dreary life after the unfortunate death of their parents.  Count Olaf, their uncle, is out to steal their fortune any way he can.  If you don’t want the whole series, here’s the first book.  This is also being adapted into a Netflix series.  There are one or two seasons already.

Harry Potter (series)

I’m a little behind here, too.  I saw all the movies when they were first coming out (I don’t remember much after 4 and haven’t finished the books yet, I finished 5, so no spoilers!) Do I even need to describe this?  Doesn’t everyone know HP?  I finally started the books this fall and I love them!  I want to keep reading them, but I don’t want to be done with them.

Pretty Little Liars (Series)

If you’ve seen the show(I’m watching as I write this), you know.  After book four, they get very different.  Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hannah are being tormented by A after their friend Alison goes missing.  The series is about their journey.  It’s ridiculous, but I love it.

The Perfectionists (Series)

By the same author of Pretty Little Liars, four friends in Washington joke around about killing someone, only for him to turn up dead at a party where they played a prank on him.  Someone is framing them, making them look as guilty as possible.


The Lying Game (Series)

The last series by Sara Shepard (the same as above) and also a former TV show.  I watched the show, then it got canceled and I was lost.  Ok not really, but I decided to read the books to find out what happened.  Sutton Mercer is dead and Emma has to take her place and pretend to be her to figure out who did it.

The Amateurs

This is another series by Sara Shepard (can you tell I’m a fan?) but this one is a little different.  A band of Internet friends meets for the first time to look for a killer.  It’s a regular Sara Shepard book with mystery, suspense, murder, and a little romance.  There are two books currently out and a third will be out later in 2018.  If you like Shepard’s other books, definitely, give these a try.

The Heiresses

Yet another Sara Shepard book, this is about the Saybrook diamond heiresses.  The family is cursed and dying off in tragic accidents.  The latest accident is the death of the most remarkable Saybrook.  The rest of the heiresses search for the truth uncovering dark family secrets in the process.  If you like the other Sara Shepard books, you’ll probably like this one.

The Selection (Series)

America Singer is chosen, along with 34 other girls, for The Selection to become the new princess of Ilea.  She reluctantly put her name in for The Selection, but once she meets Prince Maxon, she gradually warms up to him before falling in love.  This is a story of life in a competition for a royal title and love while the royal family is being challenged and attacked by rebels from outside.


Ruth Carver is ambitious, tough, and ruthless, so when she wakes up in a truck bed with a concussion, she will do whatever it takes to get away.  When the blindfold comes off in a rotting cabin deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains, she comes face to face with the man who thinks he needs to teach her a lesson, just like the six girls before.  Ruth escapes into the wilderness, but her captor is hot on her trail and that is when the real battle begins and she has to decide how far she’ll go to survive.

Reboot (Series)

Wren, one-seventy-eight.  Wren died five years ago for 178 minutes before rebooting.  She’s tough and has been trained to be a ruthless crime-fighting soldier for HARC.  Callum, twenty-two.  Callum just died for 22 minutes before rebooting with as big a heart as when he was human.  The KDH virus is sweeping through the United Cities of Texas killing humans that may or may not reboot.  This is a story of rebels and an unlikely romance.

The Sign of the Beaver

Matt is thirteen years old and more than a little apprehensive when his dad leaves him to watch over their cabin in the wilderness.  When a white stranger steals the gun his dad left, he realizes he has no way to protect himself or hunt for food.  Until Attean, a boy from the Beaver Clan comes along and teaches Matt how to adapt to the changing frontier.

Girl, Stolen: A Novel

Cheyenne Wilder is sixteen years old.  And blind.  While her mom is refilling a prescription, Cheyenne is napping in the back when she wakes up to their car being stolen.  Griffin didn’t mean to kidnap Cheyenne, he just wanted the car, but it’s too late once Griffin’s dad finds out who her dad is: a powerful CEO.  Cheyenne is sick with pneumonia but finds an unlikely friendship in this situation that helps her survive.


Count All Her Bones

**Spoilers for Girl, Stolen**

It’s six months after Griffin kidnapped Cheyenne and helped her escape.  His father, Roy, held her for ransom and is now on trial.  Griffin and Cheyenne plan to meet before they testify, but things go wrong and Cheyenne is captured by Roy’s henchmen.  Was Griffin involved?  Will Cheyenne escape?

The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

Cady wakes up in a cabin to two men saying they need to “finish her off” when she decides she needs to get out of there.  She runs from the men with the help of a new friend, Ty, and strangers along the way.  The men coming after her say she is an escaped mental patient, but even though she can’t remember her own name, she knows it isn’t the truth.  As the story unfolds, all the questions from her past are unraveled and answered.

The Night She Disappeared

Gabbie delivers pizzas from her Mini Cooper.  When Kayla goes missing from work one night after going out for a delivery, Gabbie learns it was supposed to be her.  Once she learns this, she becomes obsessed with finding Kayla and teams up with Drew, another driver, to find her and prove she isn’t dead, before it’s too late.

What is your favorite YA book or series?  What would you recommend for me to check out?