A Morning at the Garden of the Gods

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With a two hour drive ahead of us to Colorado Springs, we didn’t even get up surprisingly early.  After a coffee stop, we were on our way to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  Neither of us really knew what to expect.  We thought natural sort of smallish rock sculptures or an arboretum kind of thing.  Wrong.  Both wrong. Very wrong.

It is a bunch of large natural rock formations, very large, that are even used for rock climbing.  This was not why we were there though, we just wanted a good wander.  The sky wasn’t looking too promising though, but it held out and we had a rain-free day.

These formations were spread out in a surprisingly large space, so give yourself a lot of time to walk through it.  We didn’t get terribly far, but we were also pretty hungry at that point.  Hungry or not, though, it was a pretty cool place.  I think that dark sky just made it that much cooler, too.  I’m a sucker for some cool clouds and sky action.V2_IMG_2850






Tips for visiting Garden of the Gods:

  • It can get pretty busy here, so like most places, go early or in the evening.  Dinner time is great because most people are eating then and you’ll have more space to yourself.
  • And like always in the summer, it gets hot so bring water and wear sunscreen.
  • If you plan on spending a lot of time here or doing a long hike, bring some snacks.  My favorite are the Kind Pressed Fruit bars.  Pineapple coconut and strawberry apple are my favorite.
  • You can rock climb here.  Here is some helpful information on that.

Have you been to the Garden of the Gods?  What did you think?  Do you want to go?


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  1. I went to Garden of the Gods with my family when I was much younger but I definitely want to go back now that I’m older and can better appreciate it! It looks gorgeous on a cloudy day. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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