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This is me, Megan.  A Wisconsin native trying to see the world.  After graduating from college, I wasn’t ready for a “real” job, so I decided to spend a couple months in Central America instead.  Well, it’s been a few years and I still don’t want a real job, so I started working seasonal jobs around US national parks.

I made it a tradition to spend at least part of my winters somewhere warm, escaping the Wisconsin snow.  It started with New Zealand in college for a winter break class, then it was Ecuador and the Galapagos for another class, then I graduated and headed to Central America.  The next year I went to Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines.

Since then I’ve been in the US, going between Utah, Wisconsin, and Florida for work and family visits.  I’ve spent two (on my third) summers working at Lake Powell.  After my first season here, I spent the winter in Wyoming, just an hour from Jackson Hole.  After another summer in Utah, I spent the winter exploring Florida, North Carolina, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Wisconsin, and more of Utah before starting work again.

This is the longest I’ve been back in the US without leaving the country since the first time I traveled abroad in high school.  I wasn’t sure I would like spending so much time here at once, but it hasn’t felt like it since I’m traveling and moving around so much.  I feel like I’m on a permanent road trip, exploring our national parks and enjoying our public lands.

No matter where I am, you’ll probably find me hiking, reading, or drinking coffee.  And if there’s a beach, I will probably be on it.  In the meantime, I’ll be busy dreaming of where to go next.

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You can email me at redaroundtheworld@yahoo.com.  If you have any other questions, head over to my contact page.

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  1. Hi Meg! Here goes our little adventurer again! Good for you!! Can’t wait to follow you on another amazing trip. I still have room for an interesting picture or two in our guest room, aka vacation room. You inheirited the photography bug from Grandpa Johnson…he’d be proud! Have fun. I hope the coffee is good. 🙂

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