Cahal Pech Ruins San Ignacio Belize

Climbing Cahal Pech

As I (sort of ) promised, I’m sharing more of my little time in Belize.  I’ll start with Cahal Pech, the ruins right outside of, or still part of, San Ignacio.  These are smaller and seemed much less traveled than most other ruins I had heard about up to this point.


Lucky for me, they were in walking distance from the hostel in town.  I was prepared for a casual walk, not three huge, steady hills.  Good news, I survived.  One thing I loved about it was that we could still climb them and look around from the top.  Safe?  Eh.  Super cool?  Yeah.


Of course, there is a main plaza area like any good ruin site.  (I’m pretty sure they actually all have this.)  This was surrounded by various temples and living quarters also waiting to be explored.


Lucky for us, we were two of, maybe six, people there?  This made taking pictures and climbing easier because we really only had to worry about each other being in the way.  Since this site is pretty small, in terms of ruins, it can be explored in an hour, maybe less.  But it’s cool to hang around if there aren’t many people there.


The walk back into town was much easier as it was all downhill from there.  This is probably the only time ‘all downhill from there’ can be used positively.

Have you been to Cahal Pech?  What did you think of it?  Would you like to go?  Which picture is your favorite?


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