What I Learned In Boating School Is . . . How To Avoid Getting Seasick

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I haven’t spent all that much time on boats.  I didn’t grow up on them or anywhere near them, really, but in my time traveling and working seasonally, on a lake, I’ve learned a lot more about them and the most important thing: how not to get seasick.

I’ve never actually gotten seasick, but I’ve been carsick and it’s not fun.  I always hear that once you’re seasick, that’s it.  You’re sick the rest of the time, so I vowed to avoid that at all costs and today I’m sharing some of those tips with you.

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Tips to avoid getting seasick:

  • I would definitely do a little research on the typical water conditions wherever you’re going.  Some places tend to be a lot rougher than others.
  • I usually try and sit near the back of the boat.  The front seems to be rougher while in the back you get wetter.  This isn’t true on all boats, but small powerboats I’ve noticed it.
  • I always take Dramamine before a boat ride.  If it’s a long ride, I’ll probably take a second one while I’m on the boat, too.  I always get the less-drowsy kind so I can stay awake.  There is also a natural ginger version, but I can’t swallow big pills so I haven’t tried it yet.
  •  If there is a top deck on the boat and an enclosed area, try to stay outside.  If you have to sit inside and start to feel sick, take a break and go outside.  The fresh air can help a little bit.
  • I haven’t personally tried it yet because I’m worried it won’t work, but inhaling peppermint oil can help ease motion sickness.  It’s worth a shot and one of these days I’ll try it and report back.
  • If you’ll be doing a lot of boating over a few days, consider using a patch.  I’m not sure what they’re called, but I got some for the Galapagos and they helped.  They’re something you can get from your doctor.

Do you get seasick?  How do you prevent it?  Do you have a tried and true method or tips?

How to avoid getting seasick (1)How to avoid getting seasick

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