I Really Liked The Skytree

Somehow I developed a minor obsession with the Skytree in Tokyo.  I’m not really sure how it happened.  I didn’t even go to the top.  I didn’t even go near it, actually, until my second to last day in Japan.  But for some reason, I always felt the need to Snapchat it and take pictures of it all the time.  Unfortunately, most of the pictures are the same.

The first time I was by it, though, I wandered through the shops inside for a while trying to kill time before it got dark so I could see it lit up from up close.  Again, unfortunately, it was too cloudy and standing right under it, I could barely see it.  I crossed my fingers for better weather the next night and headed back to my hostel.


Lucky for me, it was clear as can be and I got some pretty sweet pictures.  This time, though, I was tired, so I didn’t linger much longer than it took to get pictures.  I did find out that you can ice skate at the bottom of it, which is kind of cool I suppose.

Even when I went to the government building observatory, I found the Skytree right away and took a zillion pictures of it like the last one.  You can barely even see it.  In case you can’t find it, it’s on the far right, next to the biggest building.  Does that even make sense?  I hope so.

Where to see the Skytree:

  • Bunka Hostel – I stayed here and had a view of it from my room and the bathroom.
  • Tourist Center by the Senso-Ji Temple
  • Government Building Observatory
  • Around Asakusa

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Have you been to the Skytree?  Did you go to the top?  Was it awesome?  Do you want to go?

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