How to Get From Bantayan to Palawan

I’ve been wanting to write this from the moment I got to Iloilo.  This is what I needed two days before when I was on Bantayan.  I want this to help anyone that decides to make this journey.

First, I have to say, go you for trying to get around the Philippines without flying!  You’ve got more drive than I did.

Second, good luck.

Without further adieu, here is how you get from Bantayan to Palawan without flying.


Ok, you need to get from Santa Fe to Old Bantayan before you can actually leave the island.  For this you need to take a Jeepney.  Tricycles will try to get you to ride with them and will follow you for a block in order to do this.  They will tell you they can take you and then all of a sudden they can’t.

Don’t believe them when they offer you a ride there.  Not everyone will say they can take you, but some will.  They aren’t actually allowed to.  Go out to the main road and get a Jeepney.  It’s only 25 pesos and also your only option.


Great!  You’re in Old Bantayan.  Now go to the port and get a ticket to Cadiz.  If I recall correctly it leaves around 9 AM, so go earlyish just to be safe.  We left between 7:30 and 8, just to be sure.  This ferry is 2.5 hours and costs 290 pesos.


Congratulations!  You made it to Cadiz!  Now, you need to take a tricycle to the bus terminal.  Fear not, there will be a zillion drivers to take you.  This is not their first rodeo.  This doesn’t take too long and should only cost 25 pesos per person, give or take, depending on the number of people they squish onto it.  We had eight plus our stuff.  There are plenty of buses to choose from once you get there, most are going to the same place, Bacolod, which is where you need to go to catch the next ferry.  The bus was 95 pesos and took about an hour and a half.  If you take a non-direct bus, it may take longer.


You made it to the ferry!  Well done!  This ferry should only cost 150 pesos for non air-con, but we sat in there anyways and no one said anything.  This part is pretty easy.  If you get seasick, take Dramamine or something.  It is not a steady boat.  The good news is, it only takes about 45 minutes to get to Iloilo.


You did it!  You’re in Iloilo now and ready to get your overnight ferry ticket to Puerto Princesa.  But wait, there is no ferry that goes this route?  What?  But what about everything else you read on the internet?  Well, it was not right and now you have to fly.  For a last minute flight to Puerto Princesa, it was about $80 US and much more than we wanted to spend.

So, if you’re thinking about going from Bantayan to Palawan by land and sea, don’t.  Instead, go back to Cebu City and get yourself a flight from there.  I promise, you’ll thank me later.


Helpful things:

  • Just fly.

Have you been to Bantayan or Palawan?  Which did you like better?  Do you want to go?  Was this actually helpful at all?

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