A Las Cabañas Sunset

It was the day I wanted to go to Nacpan.  I had two options, and it was getting late.  I could give in and pay the 900 pesos to go on my own or I could walk to Las Cabañas for sunset with someone else.

As you can probably tell, I went for the sunset.  It was rumored to be the best place to watch the sunset from anyways.  I mean, all the tricycle drivers called it Sunset Beach.  At this point I figured porque no?  And off we went.

The walk was about an hour, which was fine when it was light out, but we caught a tricycle back for 150 pesos.  And I’m glad because it got dark and it got dark fast.  It was my first time at Las Cabañas and it was nice.  A little busy, though.  I was still used to the beach on Bantayan which was quite unpopulated, so it was a weird change.

The sun was going down by the time we got there, but we strolled down the beach taking pictures along the way.  Admiring the starfish we saw.  Clambering over wet rocks to find somewhere to sit without being in the way of one of the dozen cameras set up on tripods.

A droned zipped around above us and I watched a weird little sea critter in the water next to me as the sun started sinking.  People were chatting the whole time and as soon as the sun was below the horizon everyone cleared out.  It was a little weird.


Have you been to Las Cabañas?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go?

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