Back to the Badlands

Ok, so I didn’t go back to the Badlands. It was my first time there.  I just liked the sound of it.  I was so excited to see the Badlands.  It’s probably what I was looking forward to the most for the drive out to Bullfrog.


It all started last summer when I found a vintage postcard at the antique store.  I remember writing on the back that “it looks like someplace I should go, hopefully sooner than later.”  And there I was.  Actually in the Badlands.


We didn’t have enough time to do much of anything in terms of hikes so we just drove through and stopped a bunch of times to wander a bit and take some pictures.  I would love to go back to do actual hikes, though.  Maybe on my way home.


The colors were vibrant.  The weather was perfect.  The crowds were nonexistent.  I loved it.  I would highly recommend a trip here, even if it’s a little out of the way.  It was like nothing I had ever seen before.  It felt very prehistoric.  I was there mid April and think it was the perfect time to be there.  I’m sure it’s just as nice in the fall, and cool and snowy in the winter and summer probably gets really hot, but still looks awesome.  Ok, I’m really not sure there would be a bad time to go.

Badlands of south dakota

Have you been to the Badlands?  What did you think of them?  Do you want to go?  What is your favorite National Park?

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