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Finding Rattlesnakes in Utah

This is where I saw my first rattlesnake!  And not only did I see my first one, but I saw another one a few minutes later!  If you can’t tell, I was excited about that, but it was also terrifying at the same time.


It started out as a regular hike, finding somewhere that looked interesting then just going off from there.  It was an easy descent into a wash followed by a ducking walk along a rock edge, back to a flat walk then clamoring up a bunch of rocks.  The view was totally worth it.  It was sprawling desert sagebrush and buttes as far as the eye could see.  We even had a view of Jacobs Chair (three pictures down).  The sunset was wonderful, but of course, that meant it was time to head back down.


The climb down the pile of rocks was a little nerve-racking, but I managed just fine as usual.  It was starting to get dark at this point.  Not too far after the end of the rock pile we heard rattling.  This is kind of terrifying when it’s almost dark out and you have no idea where the snake is.  Thankfully this wasn’t too big, a couple feet maybe, but it was not a happy one at the same time.


We went on our way and could barely see when we heard it again, but louder.  The flashlight went on immediately and to the source.  Another rattlesnake.  This one was probably closer to three feet long and a lot more upset at us for happening upon it.  I was a lot more afraid of this one, and pretty nervous the rest of the way back to the car.  I ended up having a couple other rattlesnake encounters over the summer, but this was definitely the scariest.


And that’s that.  My first two rattlesnake encounters and why I call this rattlesnake canyon.  We made it out alive and well, just a little shaken up.


Have you seen any rattlesnakes?  Where did you see them?  How was that?  Do you want to see any?

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