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Caves of Goblin Valley State Park

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I went back to Goblin Valley!  I wanted to go back this summer to try and find some cave since we didn’t see any last time, which was totally fine because the views we got were totally awesome.  We were camping in the San Rafael Swell (here’s an awesome map, too) on Behind the Reef Road exploring more of this area one weekend so it was the perfect time to go.

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We set off just before noon and it.  was.  hot.  So hot.  I would not recommend going in the middle of the day in the summer.  This is a good early morning or even trip, especially since most of where you’ll be is out in the open.  There is shade, it can just take a bit to get to.

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We picked a direction and just went.  We climbed up a bit and saw another couple before going into a little cave.  They went above the cave.  We got to the end of the cave and found this little hole looking up (in the picture below), which is where they were, but we didn’t know that.

I take pictures of rocks that look like butts, which I need to say to preface this.  I took a picture, looked at it and practically yelled “What a butt!”  This is when we found out that other couple was right above us.  I scared them with my comment because they had no idea we were there.

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Eventually I went to the top of the cave and got why they were freaked out.  From the top, you couldn’t see the hole pretty much at all and would have no idea a cave was even there.  I love Goblin Valley.  There is just sooo much to do there and it would take so long to actually see all of it, or even a good portion of it.  Definitely visit if you’re in the area.  It is totally worth it.

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Helpful things:

  • The entrance fee is $13 for a day, I think $20 (roughly) for entrance and camping, which I heard is awesome there.
  • Bring all the water.  This is where I discovered the glory of Hydro Flask water bottles and would highly recommend one for this.  The 40 oz is heavy, but totally worth it when it’s this hot. It’ll keep ice for hours.
  • Go in the morning or evening for better weather, temperature wise, and still bring all the water.
  • If you’re into canyoneering, check out the Goblins Lair (and let me know how it is!)


Have you been to Goblin valley?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go?  Have you been to to Goblins Lair?  How what that?

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  1. Goblins lair is a cool hike. There is a cave inside it that keeps going. Eventually it narrows to the point you have to army crawl. We never found the end of it. You should check it out

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