Hiking to Hickman Bridge

After driving through Capitol Reef a couple times and exploring the south end a little bit, it was time for a proper visit to the scenic road in the north.  There is the highway that passes through and the 10 mile (one way) scenic drive near the visitors center.  Both have a number of hikes and orchards along the way.  There is plenty to do for a whole or half day.

Hickman bridge is one of the first hikes coming from the Bullfrog direction.  It’s not a long hike, but it felt like it took forever.  Maybe it’s because it was so hot.  I’m not really sure, but it was totally worth it.


The first part of the hike is a little uphill and the surroundings are more flat.  The trail is along a wash for some parts, then you start to walk up higher with the wash below but eventually the canyon walls start to tower over you and you think you’re never going to make it. Or you don’t.  Who knows.  After a while you come to a sign giving you two options to get to the bridge.

We went right, it was a little shorter and rounded a corner with a wonderful view of the bridge.  We spent a little time hanging around up there, catching out breath and rehydrating.  The trail continues under the bridge making a loop back to the sign.


We wandered a bit off trail here to enjoy the view of the rest of the park below.  The sky was stormy looking and the breeze was ideal.  This was probably my favorite spot in the park, but I really enjoy a lot of it.  Eventually it was time to keep going and see what the rest of the park had to offer.

I really enjoyed this hike, even if it felt like it took forever.  I still think Capitol Reef deserves more visitors, but I’m ok with it not being as crazy as the rest of Utah’s parks.  I would love to explore more of Capitol Reef, there’s just so much to it!

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Have you been to Capitol Reef?  Did you hike to Hickman Bridge?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go? 

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