Road Trip Series: On The Road

Road trip season is upon us here in the US.  The snow is melting and the RVs are rolling into the parks.  I have to say, I love this season, mostly because it’s warm.  Well, now that you know what to do before you go, what to bring, and where to go, were going to talk about what to do on the road.

Road trip series: Before you go

Road trip series: What to bring

Road trip series: Where to go

Take the scenic route

If you aren’t terribly pressed for time, take the scenic route.  Back road and scenic byways are the best.  In Utah, my favorites are Highway 95 and Scenic Byway 12.  These tend to take a little longer than usual on the Interstate but are 100% worth it for how pretty they really are.  Plus, you get to see some cool (or creepy) little towns along the way.

Don’t be afraid to pull over for pictures

If you do this, just be cautious.  Don’t do it on the interstate.  Don’t block the road.  Don’t stop in the lane on the road, pull all the way over.  If you can wait until a scenic pullout area, do it.  They are usually marked and have a sign preparing you for it.  If not, pull over, turn your hazards on, and don’t take too long, but of course, enjoy the view.  I mean, you took the backroads for a reason, right?  Just don’t be a road hazard.

Take turns with music

If there are a few of you definitely take turns with music.  Come up with some kind of schedule or time limit or something so everyone gets a fair share.  I think this is especially important if everyone has varying music tastes.  It’s only fair.  DOn’t be afraid to drive without music, too.  I found out recently with so much driving that I actually enjoy the quiet on occasion.

Sleep in the car

If there are a few of you, it’s possible to drive farther at once.  So, if you have 18 hours to drive, sleep in the car to save on hotel rooms.  That way you can get to your first destination sooner to see more and splurge a little more on cool accommodation later on.  If there are only two of you (or four, it doesn’t really matter), don’t be afraid to stop and sleep for the night.  Nothing is worse than being tired and driving, plus, it’s not safe.  I know those two points contradict each other, just follow your gut and talk it over with your companions.

Take turns driving

At least offer to drive.  Some people just prefer being the driver or need to be if they get carsick, so don’t force this.  But if that’s not the case, it’s only fair to take turns driving.  Either decide ahead of time on an amount of time each person would drive, or just drive and be like yo, I don’t want to drive anymore.  Someone else’s turn.  That’s what I do and it works just fine.


Like I mentioned in the first post, compromise.  Whether it’s on anything I mentioned above or what to see, where to eat, where to stay, compromise.  It’s only fair, just like the driving, to compromise on that sort of thing.  If there is something you need to do, a place you need to eat or place a place you need to stay, make it known ahead of time so you can all plan accordingly.  And if someone else needs to do something, you got it, compromise.

Well, that’s it!  Now you know how to have the perfect road trip.  Get planning, gather your friends, and go.  I would be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.  Send me an email a, or send me a message on Facebook.

Have you been on a road trip?  Where did you go?  What tips would you add to this?

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