My Own Advice I Need To Follow

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If you’ve been here for any amount of time in the last year or so, you’ve probably noticed that at the end of most posts I include some helpful things and tips for visiting wherever.  There are a few things that are in most, and others more destination specific.  But, I’ve realized recently that there is a lot of advice I give that I don’t follow.  I want to.  I always intend to, but sometimes I just don’t and I need to work on it, but today, I’m going to share what those things are with you.


Bring snacks

Trail snacks I don’t really like:

  • Trail mix
  • Granola bars
  • Protein bars
  • More than a few hours old roasted chickpeas

Trail snacks I can’t afford:

  • Beef jerky

Trail snack I love:

  • Great question.

I always want to bring snacks, I really do, but I never know what to bring.  I don’t like granola bars all that much, but I’ll bring those occasion.  I never end up eating them though unless I’m starving.  I like roasted chickpeas, but they don’t stay crunchy.  And I love beef jerky, but I just can’t afford to buy it all the time.  It’s a tough life.  I also don’t love trail mix, but I might not have found a good kind yet.  Then, at the end of the day I’m starving.  It usually cuts my day short because I’m hungry and don’t want to keep hiking and it’s just annoying.  I just need to find the right goodies.

What are your favorite trail snacks?

great sand dunes

Bring enough water

I’m usually good at this one.  I drink a ton of water, but every now and then I either won’t bring it because I think a hike is short, like to the Butler Wash ruins, or I don’t have enough to last the whole day so I end up being stingy about drinking it, which isn’t good either.  I think to be better at this I just need to keep extra water in the car in case I can’t find somewhere to fill up my water bottle.

Dress in layers

I’m usually pretty good at this, too, but it’s usually more of a packing oversight and I don’t pack properly, like right now.  I’m in North Carolina and I only have my Chacos for hiking when it’s 50 degrees out.  That’s not freezing, but my feet sure do get chilly.  Also, the number of times I’ve forgotten to pack shorts or pants for short weekend trips is astonishing, as well as the number of times I forget my rain jacket.  Oh, and the times I don’t actually dress in layers, like not wearing a tank top under my long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, and jacket.  Someday I’ll learn.


Say no to plastic straws

This is like, the number one thing I want to work on.  As I try to cut back on plastic use, I always think I’m going to use plastic straws less.  I always include saying no to straws as a great way to cut back on one time plastic use, but I’m terrible at doing it myself.  I always get my drink with the straw in it already then remember, no straw.

The other issue is sometimes they just leave them on the table, and if I don’t use it, it’s still going in the garbage.  This makes me want to take them, but why do I need a thousand plastic straws?  I already have stainless steel ones, so I’m on the right path, I just need to practice it more when I’m out.


Go early

Literally the worst at this.  I’ve been on a week-long trip around the Southeast US and every day I’ve said I’m going to get up early to explore and hike.  You know how many days I’ve done it?  Not.  One.  I always say get to the parks early in the morning to avoid crowds and have better chances to see wildlife, but do I do it myself?  I wish.


Double check reservation dates before you make them

I don’t know if I preach this, but I need to start and I need to do it myself.  It first happened in Japan when I booked a night bus from Tokyo to Kyoto then booked a hostel for the same night and the night after.  I was able to push it back, and it wasn’t that expensive, but then I almost missed the bus, too and it was an adventure.  Good news, I made it and was able to stay.  Then, just a few nights ago, I did it again!  I was able to push it back again, but one day I won’t be so lucky.  Double check your reservation, peeps!


Pack a lunch

Like the snacks, I always say we should pack a lunch so we can stay in parks all day.  Do I do it?  Of course not, why else is it on this list?  We did bring sandwich supplies for Great Basin and it worked out well, but we finished them pretty fast and wanted real food.  I’m not as motivated to fix this one, snacks would be fine, but it’s definitely good to bring lunch supplies for more remote parks and multi-day trips.

What are your best travel tips?  Is there anything you don’t listen to?  What are your favorite trail snacks and packable lunches?

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6 thoughts on “My Own Advice I Need To Follow

  1. Super tips! One tip I try to remember is to download directions for how to get from the airport/train station/etc to my hotel when I’ll arrive somewhere without cell service/wifi. I manage to remember about 75% of the time but that 25% is killer!

    1. Yes! I forget that, too a lot. Also, having airport and train station written down in whatever language is used wherever I am. I needed that in Taiwan!

  2. Great tips! I don’t always follow them either though. Like waking up early, packing food, bringing enough water. Totally agree though, and should try to improve as well 🙂

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