Why You Need To Take A Ghost Tour In St. Augustine, Florida

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I’ve always wanted to do a ghost tour, but for some reason just never did.  Until I went to St. Augustine with my parents.  And I don’t think there’s a better place for a first ghost tour than the oldest city in the US. 

Well, maybe the Stanley Hotel, but this is a great second choice.  So, if you’ve been debating whether a ghost tour in St. Augustine (one of the most haunted places in Florida!) is worth it, yes.  It is, and here’s why.

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It’s the oldest city in the US

And that means there’s a lot of history and a lot of bad experiences leading to ghosts and ghost stories.  After all, it was founded in 1565 and has Matanzas Bay, or in English, Killing Bay. 

That’s centuries of strange occurrences that you can hear about in just a couple of hours.

It has passed from Spanish rule to British, back to Spanish, then American, followed by the Flagler period, the Civil Rights Movement, and finally the modern area. 

That’s a lot of activity.  You can read all about the history here, that’s just too much to include here.

You can ride in a hearse

I mean, how cool is that?  They don’t all drive you around in a hearse, but this tour company will.  Some of the reviews say the hearse is kind of run down and not that nice, but I feel like that should add to the creepy experience. 

Also, how many chances do you get to ride in a hearse and hear ghost stories?  Like, none.  Ok, one at least and it’s right here.

While we didn’t do this tour (This is the tour we did.  It was fantastic, and I would highly recommend it).

I would definitely try the hearse tour next time, if only out of curiosity and to say I’ve done it.  If a hearse isn’t quite your style, there are trolley ghost tours in St. Augustine, too.


It’s great for walking

While a trolley or hearse ghost tour might be cool, most of them are walking tours which are perfect because St. Augustine is great for walking around. 

All of the stops are close together so walking between them is nice and easy.  We went in January I think?  Or February?  And it was cold that night but it still was really nice walking around then.

This is also easier sometimes, if you don’t mind a lot of walking, because you’re not getting in and out of a car all the time and you can move around to take pictures.  The chances of other people being in the way are much lower.


You might actually see a ghost

We didn’t see anything on our tour, but that doesn’t mean you won’t!  A little girl took a picture of the V in the tree you saw at the top of this.  The pictures below is the one she took. 

The tour guide sent the picture to us to use and it’s so creepy that you can actually see a kid in the tree.  I mean, how cool is that!?

There are also tons of pictures and stories from Ghost Tours of St. Augustine.  I’ve never had a ghostly paranormal experience but would like to.  I say that now, but we’ll see how I feel about that if/when it happens.


The stories are pretty good

I’m going to guess I’m not allowed to share the stories here (copyright and all like the Stanley Hotel) but I don’t know. 

Either way, I’m not sharing them for two main reasons: I don’t remember enough of them to make it worth it and you just have to go to hear them!  It’s way more fun that way, anyways.

I will say though, I enjoyed them and will mention a couple of the stops we made.  The Casa de Sueno (the houses with the lights above) used to be a funeral home and they would display the bodies in the windows. 

We also stopped at Castillo de San Marcos, Tolomato Cemetary (where the tree is), and the Huguenot Cemetary.  Writing this really makes me want to go back and do this again.  Or go somewhere new for one!

So, should you take ghost tour in St. Augustine?  Yes!  It was so much fun and even though I froze a little, I would definitely do it again even in the freezing cold.

Have you ever taken a ghost tour?  Where did you do it?  Which has been your favorite?  Do you want to do one?

2 thoughts on “Why You Need To Take A Ghost Tour In St. Augustine, Florida

  1. Whoa! I’m pretty stoked already. I looked closely at the tree image and actually saw the young lad, I think he’s wearing a suit.

    I’ll like a ghost tour too but definitely not alone, you know, just in case anything happens.

    1. Right! Isn’t that so cool!? I definitely get that! There were maybe ten of us in the group, so that was nice

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