Critters of Congaree National Park

It was my first time in South Carolina and my first national park east of the Mississippi, both very exciting things.  I haven’t seen all that much wildlife in parks, Wyoming in the winter aside because I lived there and it was over months.  I really didn’t see much in Congaree either, as far as mammals and reptiles go, but I did see tons of bugs and let me tell you, I got just as excited about the first spider as the last.

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Hiking in Congaree National Park

I loved Congaree National Park.  I may have even put it in my top five.  (Update 2020: It’s not in my top five, but I do like it.)  That’s a tough list to make, but I think it’s up there.  I loved seeing all the bugs and other critters.  I love the cypress trees with their knobby knees.  I loved the boardwalk trail.  All of it!  We only spent a few hours there on our way up to Asheville, but it was an awesome few hours and I’d love to go back.

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