Santa Cruz, A Broad look at Puerto Ayora

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Toady we’re starting a three day journey through the Galapagos Islands, well an online visit that actually happened two years ago.  Our first stop is Santa Cruz, the Island we stayed on in Puerto Ayora not far from the ocean.  This was our home base and we took boats, very choppy boat rides, to two neighboring islands, Isabela and Floreana.  Today though, we’re just looking at Santa Cruz through a different view.  My view.  And the focus isn’t the wildlife.  GASP!  Not the wildlife!?  Nope!  Some of it did make it into here though, so don’t worry yourself too much.

This is a little tour around the Puerto Ayora area which happens to include some houses, the Charles Darwin Research Center, all kinds of pier/dock things which the sea lions love!  A little lesson I learned here, boats are extremely hard to photograph at night.  I’m surprised any of mine turned out relatively well at all.












I would love to share helpful things for visiting the Galapagos, but I went four years ago for school and didn’t have to plan anything.  I will happily share pictures and try to answer any questions if I can.  I at least hope the pictures inspire you to visit.

explore-santa-cruz iguana-spotting

Have you been to Santa Cruz in the Galapagos?  What did you think of it?  Would you go back?


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