First Lessons Learned in Central America

The time has come, the internet is finally powerful enough, the pictures are here! After almost two weeks in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala, I’ve learned a few things.

Driving is confusing. Lines don’t really matter, as long as your car fits, it’s a lane. Two lane road? I think you mean five. Honking can usually mean one of three things. Either “hey, I’m a taxi too!”, “hey, I’m a taxi and want to drive you somewhere!”, or “watch out, I’m not stopping for anything!” And anywhere in here, taxi can be switched for bus.

A vehicle can never be too full. This was seen when our bus to Belize, old school bus, pulled over for everyone on the side of the road and started filling the aisles, also on the collectivo from the Guatemala border to Flores. It’s one of the 12ish passenger vans, but this time there were 19 of us in it, including the driver, and a dog on the roof. The dog seemed to be enjoying itself up there. She was in a bag and everything.

Chips here are delicious. You usually have three choices: cheesy, spicy, or cheesy and spicy. It’s really hard to go wrong in that department.

And last but not least, it looks really nice here, like everywhere. Ok, not everywhere, but most places. Nothing is too fast paced, you can relax and take your time doing whatever, whenever, and there’s never a bad time for a delicious mojito.








Have you been to Central America? What was your favorite part about it?

One thought on “First Lessons Learned in Central America

  1. Hey Meg! It was fun to facetime on Saturday. Sorry we were all talking at the same time, you know how we Johnsons are! It sounds like you are enjoying your adventure. The pictures are great-keep taking them! I will have to start putting your beautiful pictures on the ceiling in my vacation guest room. Predjama is now in a place of honor.
    Love, Aunt Mar

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