A Few More Things I’ve Learned in Central America

As the days go by, I learn more and more. Some interesting, some not. I recently learned I love Guatemala. It has everything to offer, well maybe not beaches, but it has almost everything: volcanos, Semuc Chanpey, coffee, lakes, mountains, everything.

Coffee in Guatemala is delicious. I had two coffees today. That good. There are a lot of coffee farms around Antigua, so it’s delicious here. I could just drink it all day.

I think Australians only travel In packs. I did meet one on his own, but the rest have all been in groups. They’re fun to be around, but can get pretty rowdy, in my experience.

Driving here is just as chaotic. Horns really mean nothing. Still kind of a greeting and a look out, but also the usual “hurry up, I need to get to my coffee” honk too. Lines on the road? Good one. The road is all yours until you meet another car, then you respectfully return to your lane very briefly, then continue on in the middle.

Antigua probably has the fanciest McDonalds ever. It has an outdoor courtyard, complete with a fountain and front row view of Volcan Agua. The food even looks way better there. If you don’t go for the food, at least stop by for the view.

Jumping off of stuff is just as scary as I expected, granted it was only a six to seven foot high rock into one of the pools at Semuc Champey, it was still scary. But I did it, so that’s a plus. A step in the right direction! I just wish I either liked jumping off of stuff a little more or travel involved a little bit less of jumping off of stuff. Both would be good too.









What is your favorite thing about Central America? What about Guatemala?

3 thoughts on “A Few More Things I’ve Learned in Central America

  1. Hi meg!! I am so proud of you…such an adventurer for a johnson!! Lol
    Your photos are amazing which IS a johnson trait. Not only are you a great traveler, photographer, but an amazing writer as well…that might be a kaltinger trait. Oh,ya, lygas are coffee lovers.
    Enjoy your travels…i can’t wait to see where you go next.

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