Bocas Del Toro in Nine Pictures

My time in Panama was short, at a mere 72 hours.  I wish I had more time there, but enjoyed the 72 hours I did have.  I spent my time there with a good new friend from Germany that I met in Costa Rica.  We made sure to stay busy while we were there.

We managed to fit in biking across Isla Colon to Starfish Beach and Boca Del Drago, some dancing, lots of mac and cheese, a terrible trip to Red Frog Beach, a relaxing afternoon in the jungle, and a bioluminescent tour!  It was a good three days, a good way to bring my trip to an end and this is what I saw in my time there.V2_IMG_2692









Have you been to Bocas Del Toro?  What did you think?  Which picture is your favorite?  Do you want to go there?

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