Costa Rican Jungle Adventures

When I was planning my trip, my desire to go to Costa Rica was pretty low, but it was the cheapest place to fly home from, so I figured a few days there wouldn’t hurt.  I did have a few things I wanted to do there though once I did arrive: zip line, buy delicious coffee, and see a sloth.  Two of the three were done.  I, unfortunately, missed all the sloths.

I spent a total of five days in Costa Rica in two places, Monteverde Cloud Forest and Puerto Viejo.  Monteverde was a busy two days for me.  I got there in the early afternoon and decided to get going since I was low on time and wanted to see Panama too.  That night I did a tour of the jungle.  As terrified as I was, it was really enjoyable, even when the flashlights were turned off.

We were enchanted by fireflies and click beetles and watched a porcupine in a tree for a solid 20 minutes.  We were out for about an hour before the tour ended and we were brought back into town.  The next morning was spent wandering the Monteverde Reserve before an afternoon of zip lining.  I hiked the reserve on my own, which was surprisingly enjoyable.  I saw a gigantic centipede and the continental divide, which wasn’t as exciting as I was anticipating, but still pretty cool.

I’ve always wanted to zip line and this was my chance.  Up until I was on the stairs for the first line, I was fine and then the nerves hit.  They clipped me in and told me to lift my feet up.  Then I waited.  Then they just pushed me.  I was surprised and scared for about a second then realized I didn’t need to be.

You can’t tell how high you are, even though you are looking down at the treetops, it just doesn’t feel that high.  We went on a total of 14 lines, the longest at 1000 feet.  This isn’t just 1000 feet over trees.  It is 1000 feet, with someone or you’ll probably get stuck, through a cloud.  All I could see was the line disappearing in front of me.

This was the end of my time in Monteverde with a 6 AM bus the next day.  I went to bed early and got up even earlier.  I was headed to Puerto Viejo next and ended up making a good friend along the way.V2_IMG_2599

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Helpful things:

  • It can get a little chilly in the rainforest, so keep that in mind when you’re planning a trip there.  At least it was in March.
  • When I hiked in the reserve, I got a shuttle van taxi thing from Monteverde up to the reserve and had him pick me up a few hour later.  I don’t remember how much it cost, but $20-$30 sounds about right.  I was the only passenger.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife!
  • Zip lining tours are offered everywhere, just ask around to find one that sounds good to you.

Have you been to Costa Rica?  Did you like it?  Where did you go there?  Did you go zip lining?

Hike in the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica (1)Hike in the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

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