One of my favorite types of photography is macro photography, the really close-ups where you can’t even tell what you’re looking at.  It gets you thinking and your imagination going, which I enjoy.  This means when I come back from a trip, the majority of my pictures are not easily identifiable.  They could just be part of a wall or something on the ground, not even the monument I was at.

I found myself taking a lot of these in Nicaragua.  Doors, windows, sand, you name it.  While most of these are easily identifiable, they don’t show the big picture.  You are left to figure out what else was happening.  One of my favorite parts of traveling is arriving in a new place and wandering around for the first time.  I usually end up lost and going down the same streets over and over, but it’s still the best.






What is your favorite picture?  What are your favorite types of pictures?