Snapshots of Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua was one of my favorite places I went in Central America.  I was there for about a week and spent most of it just wandering around and drinking coffee.  I have to say, it was a pretty good week.  Most of the time spent wandering, I didn’t have my camera with, but a few days that was my sole purpose of walking around.

I spent a few too many hours walking through the markets, getting lost, wishing I would stop walking past the dog food and meat.  But they were enjoyable hours, some spent alone, some spent with new friends.  I think we need more markets like that, or I just need to go back to Antigua.  I’ll let you guess which I would prefer.

Antigua is the perfect base for the area.  You can explore coffee farms.  You can climb multiple volcanos.  You can head out to Lake Atitlan.  You can brave Guatemala City.  You can spend afternoons reading on a bench in any of the city parks.  You can spend an evening at the Mezcal bar.  You can learn the history of the city, exploring the ruins.  You can admire the chicken buses.  And of course, you can get lost in the market.  And if you want a really cool and unique place to stay, Hobbitenango eco-hotel is a must!

Antigua has so much to offer, I think people should spend more time there instead of passing through quickly.  It’s the perfect place to recharge before heading to more rugged destinations throughout Central America.

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Tips for visiting:

  • Some cool hostels are Bigfoot, Roo’s, The Terrace, and A Place to Stay.
  • Spend an afternoon wandering around the big craft market.
  • Wander the streets and admire the crafts people are selling as well as the painting of the city.
  • If you like partying, head to Jungle Party Hostel and check out some of the ladies night deals around town.  I think they have something most nights.
  • It’s not necessary to book a hostel ahead of time.  There are plenty.
  • Antigua is a jumping point to get to Lake Atitlan.
  • It’s also a great place to climb volcanos with nearby Pacaya, a great day hike, or Acetenango, a great overnight hike.

Have you been to Antigua?  Did you like it there?  Do you want to go back?  Or for the first time?

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