41 Amazing Things To Do In Page, Arizona: Day Trips, Hiking, Tours, And More, According To A Local

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Here it is, the post I’ve been waiting literally two years to write so I could do all. The. Things. And I did! Well, almost. When it comes to Page, things to do is not something it lacks but a lot of the things are kind of expensive and some you have to drive a bit for.

That was my other roadblock with this post. Do I do it as one giant post of things to do in Page, Arizona or do I do one for day trips from Page and one for things to do in Page?

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Grand view overlook lake powell page arizona
Grand View Point, one of the best views in Page

But if I do two separate ones, where do I draw the line between in Page and day trips since a lot of this requires 1-2 hours of driving? What I think is in Page or not a day trip (after living out west for years) might be considered a day trip to someone from out east.

So here we are. One big post separated by driving times. Anything under 1.5 hours is considered “in Page” (for the sake of this post) and 1.5+ hours is considered a day trip from Page.

Wahweap view lake powell page arizona
Wahweap Overlook, another amazing view in Page

I really agonized over this for a silly amount of time but I know sometimes Page can be used as a base to explore the area a little more and figured broken down by drive time would be best.

So how do these drive times work, you ask? Anything 20 minutes or less I count as things to do in Page. You could easily do more than one of these things in a day.

view from Hanging garden trail page arizona
The Hanging Garden Trail is one of the top hikes in Page, AZ

The next range is 20-45 minutes from Page. You could still do multiple of these in a day or combine them with things that are closer or further away, depending on where they are.

Next is things to do within an hour of Page, well 45 minutes to an hour. This is a smaller window because it just feels like a more significant time difference even if it isn’t.

new wave hike page arizona
The New Wave Trail is a great, quiet option for hiking in Page, AZ

Then we have 1-1.5 hours from Page. These things are where I start to consider them day trip from Page because of the driving really adding up, but they’re definitely still worth it! You could probably combine these with some of the shorter drive time activities.

Finally, day trips from Page, things that are more than 1.5 hours of driving, but still under 2.5 (ok, two are two hours and forty minutes) because you don’t want to drive that far on day trips. And they still count as things to do near Page which is different than things to do in Page.

view from the nautilus utah
The Nautilus is a cool hike near Page, AZ

Now that we have that out of the way, this is going to be a lot of hiking in Page and hikes near Page with some tours, top attractions, scenic drives, national parks and monument, and hidden gems.

I also have two whole entire posts coming on the best views in Page and best places to view Lake Powell without a boat. Plus a ton of posts about Lake Powell itself.

I have done almost everything on the list myself, save for maybe five things? (It’s seven things I haven’t done, I just counted.) And those seven things are the top of my list for when I get back out there eventually. So, if you’ve been wondering what to do in Page, Arizona, I gotchu.

Visiting Page, Arizona FAQ

  • Is Page, AZ worth visiting? Yes. I’ve said I don’t love it, and I don’t, but it is home to some of the southwest’s most iconic attractions.
  • What are good hotels in Page, AZ? The Rodeway Inn is pretty reasonably priced. It’s not fancy but I’ve stayed there more than once. The Quality Inn, the Clarion Inn, and the Sleep Inn are also good. The Sleep Inn is the nicest of these, though. I think it’s either new-ish or recently updated. The Rodeway Inn in Big Water is also not fancy but affordable and good if you don’t want to be in Page.
  • What are good restaurants in Page, AZ? Ranch House is good for breakfast (there aren’t many other options, if any). Big John’s BBQ has good BBQ. Obviously. But they won’t put coleslaw on your sandwich for you. Blue Buddha and New York Teriyaki have good sushi/Asian food. Sunset 89 is good and has huge servings. The mac salad is so good.
  • What is the best hike in Page, AZ? I’m not blown away by any of them but I would say the New Wave trail right in town.
  • What is the best day trip from Page, AZ? This one is a little tougher. Zion and the Grand Canyon are probably the top Page day trips.
  • How long do you need for Page, AZ? Two full days would let you do quite a bit but you can do a slot canyon tour, see Lake Powell from land, and go to Horseshoe Bend with just one day.
  • What is the best time to visit Page, AZ? I would say fall or winter. The weather is better and it’s a lot less busy. Spring is ok, too but can be very windy and summer is obviously very hot and busy.
  • Is Page, AZ busy? Very, but mostly in the summer and over holidays.
  • Can you get to Horseshoe Bend from Lake Powell? No. Definitely not, trust me, I worked there. And there is a dam in the way, so, no.
Horseshoe bend hike page arizona
Horseshoe Bend is one of the top things to do in Page, for sure

National Park Goodies

Map of attractions near Page, AZ

balloon regatta page arizona
Page Balloon Regatta, a fun thing to do in Page in November

Things to do in Page, Arizona

First up are the things to do in Page and things to do near Page. You can easily see more than one of these in a day and if you have more than one day, you’ll be able to do quite a bit.

If you just have one day, I would choose one of the Page slot canyon tours and a hike or two, then, if you’re going to Kanab (before or after, I suppose) you could do some of these other things that are outside of Page, between it and Kanab.

Page, AZ tours

Navajo mountain sunset utah
Navajo Mountain at sunset

20 minutes from Page

These are the Page attractions and hikes that are all basically in town or immediately outside of it. This is where you’ll find a lot of the tours but you need tours for all of the slot canyons, so that’s why. There are a few hikes you can do on your own and a few water activities, too.

upper antelope canyon
Upper Antelope Canyon is probably the top attractions near Page, AZ

Upper Antelope Canyon

First up we have the crown jewel of Page, easily one of the top things to do in Page: Upper Antelope Canyon. While this tour isn’t super budget friendly, I do understand why it’s as popular as it is.

Upper Antelope Canyon is one of the many slot canyon tours you can choose from in the Page area. It gets millions of visitors every year and it’s easy to see why.

We did the Upper Antelope, Rattlesnake, and Owl Canyons tour and while it was good, we went too early. Also, I would skip the Owl Canyon portion. If you plan to visit Upper Antelope Canyon or any of the other slot canyons, I would go between 11-1:30 for the best lighting.

I would not do any of them, especially this one, earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon because it’s so dark. Plus, in that mid-day time frame (in the summer at least) you can see the famous Antelope Canyon light beams.

The slot canyon tours do book up though, so I would book that in advance if you know for sure you want to do it. You may get lucky with a walk-in but I wouldn’t count on that. There are so many Antelope Canyon tours and you can see all my Page slot canyon tips and opinions here to get the lowdown.

Book an Upper Antelope Canyon tour here.

lower antelope canyon page Arizona
Lower Antelope Canyon is one of the most popular things to do in Page, Arizona

Lower Antelope Canyon

Next up is Lower Antelope Canyon, probably the next best thing to do in Page. Lower Antelope Canyon is another section of the Antelope Slot Canyon you will see two more times on this list and it’s probably as busy as Upper Antelope, or very close to it.

I actually liked Lower Antelope more than Upper even though it was way busier when I went (pre-2020). It’s also a lot more affordable than Upper. This one does have ladders though, so if you can’t use them, Upper or Antelope X is a better choice.

This slot canyon has beautiful winding sandstone walls that glow golden-orange in the mid-day sunlight. While it’s busy, it really is beautiful. There are plenty of other slot canyons in Utah and Arizona but it’s hard to find any with light like this.

Book a Lower Antelope Canyon tour here.

Antelope Canyon X Page arizona
Antelope X is my favorite slot canyon in Page

Antelope Canyon X

Antelope Canyon X is another section of Antelope Canyon (which is almost 20 miles long, I think? I could be totally wrong and please correct me if I am!) This section is the most budget-friendly and only one company goes here so it’s a lot less busy than Upper and Lower.

This is my other favorite slot canyon in Page, of the ones that I’ve done. There are two slot sections you get to see here and a lot less people. It doesn’t quite have the Lower Antelope Glow, but it’s still really beautiful.

I would say if you’re not too particular about which slot canyon you see, Antelope X should be the one. I think I would even say it’s one of the best things to see in Page, especially if avoiding crowds is your thing but you still want to see a Page slot canyon.

Book an Antelope Canyon X tour here.

Horseshoe bend hike page arizona
Horseshoe Bend, one of the most popular things to do near Antelope Canyon

Horseshoe Bend

Would it even be a Page things to do list without Horseshoe Bend? I don’t think so. This is probably one of the most iconic places in the American Southwest and you can’t visit Page and not see it.

It used to be free but now there is a $10 parking fee from the City of Page. Then there is a short hike from the parking area to the actual Horseshoe Bend Overlook. This is the easiest, cheapest, and most common way of seeing it.

I think the best time to go here would be sunrise or morning. The sun sets right behind it making it hard to see around that time here.

I’m sure it’s still fine then but I would personally go for sunrise or just earlier in the day. Maybe before your slot canyon tour.

Or you can kayak through Horseshoe Bend! I would love to do this next time I’m in the area.

Also, one thing to note: you cannot get to Horseshoe Bend from Lake Powell. People have argued with me on this and I am not wrong. I worked at Lake Powell, I know you can’t get there. There is a dam in the way.

When you are here, be careful at the edge! People do fall and die here, this actually just happened in 2022 already and that’s unfortunately not the first time it’s happened.

There aren’t really Horseshoe Bend tours to the main area, but there are helicopter tours and one to another viewpoint of it.

Book a Horseshoe Bend and Tower Butte helicopter tour here.

waterholes canyon page az
Waterholes Canyon, an underrated place in Arizona

Waterhole Canyon

Waterhole Canyon is another one of the slot canyon tours. This one is a little more expensive than Lower and X and doesn’t have the same glow as Upper and Lower but only one company goes here. That means way less people and no rush whatsoever.

I really enjoyed this one and it was not busy in any way whatsoever. We had it to ourselves, we took our time, we had plenty of time for pictures. It was perfect. I think it’s a great slightly off the beaten path thing to see in Page.

If I were to do a slot canyon tour in the morning or afternoon, outside of that peak 11-1:30 time, it would be this one. It’s a little wider and not as closed in so more light can get in. Also keep that in mind though, if you want a narrow slot canyon, this might not be the one.

new wave hike page arizona
Rock Lane Trail, a great choice for hiking near Page, AZ

Rock Lane Trail

This is the first hike on the list you can do on your own and for free. The Rock Lane Trail, sometimes called the New Wave Trail, is technically in Glen Canyon but you don’t have to pay the entrance fee for this one.

This is a great hike near Page and is pretty easy. It’s just under two miles for the whole thing and you have great views of Lake Powell and Navajo Mountain from here.

It’s right off of Highway 89 and super easy to get to but the best part is, it’s not busy at all! A lot of people camp across from it but I had never even heard of this until fall 2021. I had very low expectations but ended up loving it.

viewpoint on Hanging garden trail page arizona
Not the Rim View Trail, but not far from it

Rim View Trail

If you want a long hike, or to mountain bike (if you have one) the Rim View Trail is a great option. You can always hike a small part of this if you want to see it but don’t want so long of a hike.

This is a 10.3 mile loop taking you all the way around the town of Page. As you drive through town, you’ll see random trail signs and it’s most likely part of the Rim View Trail. There isn’t a ton of hiking in Page, at least short trails, but this is a good option.

I haven’t done any of this yet but read the section from Indigo Ridge Blvd. down near Lake Powell is a good section and is 2-4 miles. It looks like there may be other trails around here that all connect up based on the AllTrails map.

lake powell overlook page arizona
Wahweap Marina on Lake Powell, boating here is one of the best things to do in Page

Boat on Lake Powell

Lake Powell is more well known than it was a few years ago thanks to the ever-decreasing water levels being featured on news channels across the country. Yes, the water is extremely low, but there is still enough water to boat, especially in the main channel.

You just have to be more cautious in canyons and bays, near the shore and canyon walls, and on the sides of the main channel (because of rocks). Don’t feel comfortable driving a boat yourself? No worries!

You can book private tours at Wahweap (928-645-1037 is the office for that) for $265 per hour and they can take you pretty much anywhere you want on the southern part of the lake at your own pace. Except Horseshoe Bend. I would recommend no less than two hours for a private tour.

If that’s out of your budget (I totally get that) you can join a public boat tour from Wahweap or Antelope Point. These aren’t flexible at all but still take you to the major sights at south Lake Powell.

Want to see Lake Powell but don’t want to boat? Consider a helicopter tour to Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend! This is a cool way to see the lake and you could check Horseshoe Bend off your list of things to see in Page, too. It’s still worth hiking to it though, too.

Book a Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend helicopter tour here.

lake powell overlook page arizona
Another view of the main channel of Lake Powell

Lake Powell books and maps

Wahweap view lake powell page arizona
Wahweap Overlook is one of the best views of Lake Powell in Page

Stop at Wahweap Overlook

The Wahweap View is an overlook on the side of Highway 89 between the north and south entrances of Wahweap at Glen Canyon. This is a nice quick stop but has a great view of the marina and lake below.

You don’t need more the 15-30 minutes here but it would make a great place to enjoy a picnic lunch. You could also drive through Wahweap Marina to enjoy those overlooks or a picnic lunch there. There are a few picnic areas along the entrance road closer to Page, like the Wahweap Viewpoint.

Lone rock beach lake powell arizona
Lone Rock Beach in 2020, there is no water here in April 2022

Relax on Lone Rock Beach

At one point I could have said this is a great place to enjoy Lake Powell but there isn’t water at/around Lone Rock at this point (April 2022) so now it’s maybe just a great way to relax near Lake Powell on what used to be a beach. Does it still count as a beach if the water isn’t there anymore?

You do have to pay the Glen Canyon entrance fee to go to Lone Rock but a national park pass will get you in. This is a great place to camp in the area but it does get busy, especially over holiday weekends.

The sand here can be pretty deep, especially the closer you get to the shore, or the former shore, and it can be very muddy close to the actual Lone Rock. Just be careful driving here but know there are usually trucks around to get you out.

This would be a nice place to have a picnic lunch, too. I wouldn’t pay the fee just to come here, though, if you don’t already have a park pass. There are better spots, like the Wahweap View, for a picnic that are free.

Hanging garden page arizona
The main attraction on the Hanging Garden Trail

Hanging Garden Hike

The Hanging Garden trail is probably the most well-known hike near Page and I didn’t really even know about it until spring 2021. It’s a nice, easy hike right by the Glen Canyon Dam.

It’s a 1.2-mile hike that is relatively flat with an option climb up a giant rock for an even better view. On the main trail, you can see Navajo Mountain and Lake Powell.

The end-point of this trail is a hanging garden, which is basically a garden coming out of a rock wall fed by water seeping out of it. The trail itself is very sunny but it’s shady and felt quite a bit cooler at the hanging garden.

It’s not my favorite hike in Page, but it’s a nice walk and it doesn’t take too long. If you’re stopping at the Glen Canyon Dam, you could do this then, too. It would take maybe 1-1.5 hours for both. It’s a good way to fill some spare time between activities.

what to do on lake powell
Not Antelope Canyon but the walls on the lake part will be similar to this and get more narrow the further in you go

Kayak Antelope Canyon

One of the top things to do around Page, for sure, is to kayak Antelope Canyon. I haven’t done this yet and I won’t lie, I’m not sure if I will. It’s so, so busy and I’ve seen a lot more on the lake and the main parts of Antelope Canyon so I don’t feel like I really need to do this.

But I understand why people want to. Kayaking is fun, you can experience Lake Powell in a much more affordable way than by boat, and you can do some hiking.

This part of Antelope Canyon doesn’t look like Upper, Lower, or X, so don’t go in expecting that. Do expect lots of other kayaks at the back of the canyon and another cool canyon that is just different than the main part.

If you are doing a hiking tour of Antelope Canyon, I’m not sure if I would do this, too. Instead, I would rent a kayak and explore a different canyon on the lake. But if you can’t get a hiking tour, this is a decent alternative. Just know it will look a little different.

glen canyon dam page arizona lake powell
The Glen Canyon Dam from the bridge

See the Glen Canyon Dam

It’s hard to go to Page and not see the Glen Canyon Dam. It’s one of the main Page attractions and it’s free! This is an easy quick stop if you’re just driving through, too.

You don’t need too long to see the dam, maybe 10-15 minutes. You can park at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center and walk onto it or in the dirt parking area on the side of the bridge closer to town and the Hanging Garden Trail.

On one side you get a good view of Lake Powell and on the other, you can see the Colorado River hundreds of feet below. It’s a great view of the river and I love seeing it every time we drive over the bridge.

Bucktank draw hike to birthday arch Utah
A great, quiet hike near Page and Big Water

Bucktank Draw and Birthday Arch

The hike to Bucktank Draw and Birthday Arch should technically be in the next group because it’s a whole 21 minutes from Page, but it’s going here. When it comes to hiking in Page, this trail covers views, solitude, and silence, for sure.

This is a 4.2 mile hike of easy-moderate difficulty. It involves a little rock scrambling but no technical skill. It’s easy to follow, mostly in a wash, ending at Birthday Arch, a cool arch that is actually a little similar to Skylight Arch, but still totally different.

If you want a longer hike and solitude, this is the perfect choice. The trail itself isn’t the best but the views at the end are very enjoyable. If you just have one day in Page, I’m not sure I would do this but if you have two days or have been to the area before and done the main things, this is a good hike.

Grand view overlook lake powell page arizona
Wahweap Marina from the Grand View Overlook in Page

Stop at Grand View Overlook Park

The last place to visit in Page is a nice little overlook of Lake Powell. To get to this overlook, you have to drive through residential areas but it’s a nice little park and it’s been very quiet the two times I was there.

This is a nice quick stop and I think you can actually get to the Rim View Trail from around here. You can see Antelope Point Marina from here, at least the land part of it, and Wahweap Marina over in the other direction. This could be a really nice place to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner.

Antelope point marina lake powell
Antelope Point Marina

45 minutes from Page

Now we have all the things that are close enough to Page that I consider them in Page but require a little more driving or effort to get to. Everything in this section except for Labyrinth Canyon and the Wahweap Hoodoos could honestly probably be done in one day.

These could all be done on the drive between Page and Kanab. If you’re going between the two, you could just get started early and hit all five trails on your way.

Skylight arch trail Utah
One of the best hikes near Page

Skylight Arch

Skylight Arch was something I didn’t know about until recently and we actually went here on accident. Sort of. When I realized where we were one day, I decided we had to hike to Skylight Arch, too.

As far as hiking in Page goes, this one takes the cake for views. You have the best view of Lone Rock, Lake Powell, Navajo Mountain, and that’s just on that side.

It’s a great easy two-mile round-trip hike. It has minimal elevation gain and the trail is very easy to follow. At the end, you’re rewarded with a cool view of Skylight Arch, basically a hole in the ground, but a cool hole in the ground.

You probably need 4WD/high-clearance to get here or you’ll have to park about a mile from the trailhead and hike from there. This would be a great place to enjoy the sunset.

studhorse point utah
Stud Horse Point is one of the best places for sunset in Page

Stud Horse Point

Studhorse Point is kind of hiking in Page but not on an actual trail. This is just an area with a lot of cool alcoves and rock formations where you can hike around as you please.

You can visit this at the same time, well same trip, as Skylight Arch since this is on the way to the arch. There is no specific hiking distance here, it’s just however long you want to hike.

Like Skylight Arch, Stud Horse Point would be a great place to enjoy sunset. The views are very similar here so if you don’t want to go to Skylight Arch, this is a good compromise.

rattlesnake canyon arizona
Not Labyrinth Canyon but similar

Kayak Labyrinth Canyon

If you are a strong kayaker confident in kayaking long distances, then kayaking Labyrinth Canyon is a must-do in Page. There are a few options for doing this.

First, launching at Antelope Point (it’s closer than Wahweap but you could launch there, too) and kayaking all the way up to Labyrinth. I would only do this if you’re a strong, experienced kayaker.

The other option is to do a lake run/water taxi from the marina at Wahweap and it’s up to $265 per hour from when the captain leaves the dock to when they get back. They can drop you off then pick you up at a set time if you want to camp here, too, which I would. It would probably be 2-3 hours for drop-off and 2-3 for pick-up.

You might also be able to get a shuttle from Antelope Point but I don’t know prices or anything for them. I wouldn’t do this trip from the north end of the lake (Bullfrog) because it’s soooo much further and would be incredibly expensive.

Honestly it’s probably not even possible right now because Dangling Rope, the marina with gas in the middle of the lake, is closed indefinitely. This isn’t really a quick place to visit in Page but the effort of doing this would be worth it.

If you want those Antelope Canyon vibes without the crowds, this is the place for that. Once you kayak in, you can hike further into the canyon.

You also need to keep an eye on the weather if you’re kayaking and hiking in Labyrinth Canyon because flash floods can and will kill you here.

Slot canyon safety

Flash floods are a huge risk in slot canyons and people die from that far too often. In May 2020 a 7-year-old girl and her 3-year-old sister died in a flash flood in Little Wild Horse Canyon, a popular slot canyon in the San Rafael Swell. This isn’t even a super narrow canyon. And it’s popular. It can happen anywhere.

In 1997, 11 hikers died in a flash flood in Antelope Canyon (the storm was 15 miles away) and that’s a huge reason you need to go with a tour now.

In 2015, seven people canyoneering also died in a flash flood in Keyhole Canyon in Zion National Park. People have even died in flash floods in The Narrows in Zion!

Flash floods are no joke kids. I haven’t seen one in a slot canyon but I did see one right as it was starting in a more open canyon and it really picked up fast. I also saw one in Zion along the Mt. Carmel Highway this summer. It was small but they just happen so fast, please be safe.

  • If you don’t feel comfortable with any climb or narrow squeeze and can turn back, do that! You don’t want to get hurt or stuck and need to be rescued. I linked tons of stories of this below.
  • Make sure you’re following the right fork. A lot of slot canyons have multiple forks or are close to other ones and ending up in the wrong one can have dire consequences (especially in the North Wash area of Utah.)
Toadstool Trail kanab utah
The crown jewel of Kanab, the Toadstool Trail

Toadstools Trail

The Toadstool Trail is more well-publicized in Kanab than Page but it’s still one of the tops things to do near Page. This is an easy 1.2-mile hike great for families. I don’t love it but I know it’s very popular, it’s short, and it doesn’t take too long to do.

You could easily do the Toadstool Trail, The Nautilus, and Catstair Canyon in one day since they’re all pretty close to each other and they’re all short. At the end of this one you’ll come to some toadstool hoodoo rock formations similar to Goblin Valley.

The Nautilus Utah
A great easy hike in Utah not far from Page

The Nautilus

The Nautilus is a rock formation that makes it feel like you’re walking into a giant seashell. I think this is a fun secret little stop in Utah, I just ask if you go here to be careful with the formation and please don’t carve into the sandstone.

This is an easy hike in Utah, just 0.9 miles round-trip with Florida levels of Elevation gain, a whopping 36 feet. It’s super easy to follow and really doesn’t take long to see, maybe 30 minutes.

The trailhead is down a dirt road by the Paria Contact Station but as long as it isn’t rainy, any car should be fine getting here. I’ve done this three times now, I think and I enjoy it. The best time to photograph this is on a cloudy day or early/late in the day, but it’s cool to see at any time.

catstair canyon utah stacked cars in canyon
Stacked cars near Lake Powell, a unique hike near Page

Catstair Canyon

Catstair Canyon is the last one in this section that you could easily see together, in one day. This is one of the more unique things to do in Page that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Catstair Canyon is where you’ll find a bunch of crushed stacked cars near Lake Powell. They were originally used to support the highway but it wasn’t working and they just left them there when the highway was being updated.

Now you can take a short stroll to see these right on the side of Highway 89. This is another pretty quick stop and 30-45 minutes should be plenty.

When my parents were visiting, we did this, the Nautilus, and the Kanab dinosaur tracks in one day with plenty of time to spare. If you were doing a day trip from Page to Kanab, you could do these on the way plus more but I’ll get into that below.

Photo by John Fowler Flickr

Wahweap Hoodoos

The last thing in this section is the Wahweap Hoodoos trail. This is a long one, 9 miles round-trip, to some hoodoos, three sets of them, actually. The third set is the most interesting (based on what I’ve seen in pictures since I haven’t done this yet.)

Elevation gain is pretty low, about 100 feet, but it’s a long trail and a lot of it is in or around a wash which can make the hiking a little more difficult. This is one of the hikes near Page I would really love to do but I’m not sure I could manage nine miles in sand yet haha.

apple picking basket in apple tree at lees ferry orchard glen canyon
Pick fruit at Lees Ferry in the fall

1 hour from Page

Now we have a few attractions near Page, AZ that are just a little more driving but still very worth it. One is a hike, one is a tour, one is just a cool thing to see, and one is just a place but also has a hike and is also where the tour would probably leave from.

Horseshoe Bend Page, Arizona
One of the best things to do in Page, imagine being in one of those boats!

Do a Horseshoe Bend float tour

I haven’t done a Horseshoe Bend float trip and I so wish I did! This is yet another way to experience the iconic landmark from a totally different perspective.

If you’re experienced, you can kayak Horseshoe Bend but a float trip is a much more relaxing way to experience it. I mean, imagine being at the bottom and getting to look up at the overlook hundreds of feet above.

This is a really cool experience and I would say one of the best things to do in Page, for sure. You could also explore Lees Ferry, where these trips usually launch from, before or after your float trip.

Books a Horseshoe Bend float trip here.

wire pass slot canyon Utah
Wire Pass is a popular but worth it hike near Page

Wire Pass Trail

If you want to hike a slot canyon but don’t want to pay big bucks, Wire Pass to Buckskin Gulch is your best option for hikes near Page. It is busy but going early or late in the day can help avoid crowds.

This is about 3.7 miles round-trip but can be longer if you hike into Buckskin Gulch at all. Wire Pass doesn’t look exactly like Antelope Canyon, but it’s still incredibly beautiful. It actually reminds me a little of Antelope X.

It’s an easy-moderate trail through a lot of sand and may or may not involve a rock scramble. Sometimes there is a ladder in this spot sometimes there isn’t.

If there isn’t and you don’t feel comfortable scrambling down this (it can be difficult on your own or if you’re the first in your group) then you can hike up and around this section then back into the part you went around when you get into the canyon.

Like Labyrinth Canyon, be sure to keep those safety tips in mind and do not enter it if it is raining or there is a chance of rain, even if it’s raining nearby.

A quiet hidden gem outside of Page, AZ

Paria Townsite

The Old Paria Townsite isn’t the most thrilling place ever but the area is beautiful and good if you are comfortable with and like hiking off-trail. It’s one of the good places to visit in Page to escape some of the crowds.

To get here, you take a dirt road off of Highway 89 not far from House Rock Valley Road. Most cars should make it just fine but I would avoid this if it’s rainy.

There isn’t much as far as old structures god, there are a couple, but the road ends at the Paria River, which is a nice place to enjoy some solitude. In the springs bugs can be a little annoying here.

This could be a good place to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner, or even to camp for the night. Just be sure to pack out whatever you pack in. If you go to Lees Ferry, too, you’ll get to see the Paria River again at it’s confluence with the Colorado River.

colorado river at lees ferry glen canyon
Lees Ferry has incredible views

Marble Canyon/Lees Ferry

Finally we have Marble Canyon and Lees Ferry! This is the southernmost part of Glen Canyon and does also require the $30 entrance fee but the national park pass will cover you.

Lees Ferry isn’t brimming with activities but it is beautiful. You could probably stop here on your way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon if you’re going there, too.

Here, you can hike the 3.3 mile Cathedral Wash Trail, pick fruit in the orchards (in season), see Navajo Bridge, stop at the visitor center, relax on the beach, hike the two-mile river trail, and look for condors (especially from the bridge.)

The Sand Crack Trail (5.7 difficult miles), the Sun Valley Mine Trail (2.4 moderate miles), and the Soap Creek Trail (8.3 moderate miles) are three other hiking options near Lees Ferry.

lonely dell ranch at lees ferry orchard glen canyon
The Lonely Dell Ranch at Lees Ferry

Day trips from Page, Arizona

Now we have the Page day trips. You could definitely combine all of these with other things on this list and I’ll let you know which things under each activity.

They may be day trips but you’ll be able to make the most of all that driving to see and do as much as possible. The only thing that doesn’t have anything else really on the way or close to it is Navajo National Monument but that’s more of a half-day trip from Page.

condor at lees ferry glen canyon
Condor at Lees Ferry, a great day trip from Page

1.5 hours from Page

Next up is Page day trips. This first section could probably be done as half-day trips from Page or combined with shorter activities mentioned above, especially Kanab.

I also Kanab is just a popular place to visit in Utah and you may just be visiting that on it’s own, but if you’re basing yourself in Page for a few days, it makes a great day trip.

Navajo National Mounment arizona
Navajo National Monument is a hidden gem in Arizona for sure

Navajo National Monument

First is Navajo National Monument. This little national monument is a short drive off of Highway 98 and is, I think, an underrated place in Arizona, especially if it’s open at full capacity.

As of April 2022, all you can do here are the three short self-guided hikes, which are still worth seeing and will only take a half-day. The drive there from Page is what will take the most time.

You could easily visit Navajo National Monument on your way to or from Monument Valley but it would also be a great way to spend a day if you’re also visiting an Antelope Canyon.

This would be easy to add to an Antelope Canyon tour (not as a tour but to do in the same day) because they’re the same direction from Page, unlike say, the Toadstool Trail.

Here you’ll find ruins and beautiful canyon views without crowds. And if it’s fully open you can spend a full day or 2-3 days here doing longer hikes to incredible ruins.

Cottonwood road flickr
Photo by Stefan Serena Flickr

Cottonwood Canyon Road

If you want a scenic drive near Page, Cottonwood Canyon Road is a good choice. It’s a dirt road, but on a dry day any car should make it just fine. The end near Page is pretty washboardy, just keep that in mind.

This road connects the south end of Grand Staircase Escalante with Cannonville, a town not far from Bryce Canyon and the town of Escalante. You could take this up to Bryce Canyon if you plan to do a day trip there or if you’re just going to or from there.

There are a few hikes along the way and you can see Grosvenor Arch almost from the side of the road. The north end of Cottonwood Canyon Road (the part I haven’t done) looks like it’s prettier than the south end.

kanab dinosaur trail view of hog canyon
View from the Kanab Dinosaur Tracks


Visit Kanab as a day trip from Page is super easy because it’s just over an hour to get there. You could hike Wire Pass, Toadstool Trail, Catstair Canyon, and the Nautilus just on the way there.

Once you get there you can hike to the Kanab Dinosaur Tracks, see Belly of the Dragon, and the Moqui Caverns. These are all short hikes that can easily be done in one day with those above.

Some other things you can do are walk around town, visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, hike to Peek-a-boo Canyon, get coffee and a pain au chocolat at Kanab Bakery, or visit Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park (more on that below).

Kanab is a great base for a lot of cool outdoor adventures, like The Wave, and tours I have listed below. Whether you visit Kanab as a stop on your Utah road trip or as a Page day trip, it’s worth trying to squeeze it in.

Moqui caverns kanab utah
Moqui Caverns, a cool thing to do in Kanab

Kanab tours

Alstrom Point Utah
Alstrom Point, one of the best things to do around Page

Alstrom Point

I think Alstrom Point is one of the best views near Page and one of the best things to do around Page. This is easily one of the best (and most iconic) views of Lake Powell and Navajo Mountain. On Google Images, it’s definitely a lot of the top photos that come up.

The drive out here from Page is pretty easy but once you leave Big Water, the whole drive is on dirt roads. Most cars should be able to make it most of the way you just need to be careful on some parts of it.

I would not do this drive in any car if it’s rainy or wet because the roads can be very muddy. It’s an easy drive to follow and Google Maps will take you right there.

There is a really rough rocky area, park there and just hike the rest of the way. This is what we did even in our 4Runner. It’s about two miles round-trip from there to the end but it’s easy. Alstrom Point is a great place to enjoy sunset.

One the road to White Pocket

Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

Finally, the Vermillion Cliffs. This one is pretty general because it’s huge but there are tons of things to see and do here. This is where you’ll find the infamous Wave but I won’t be talking about that much here since it’s more of a Kanab activity.

You need permits for North and South Coyote Buttes which are two areas within the Vermillion Cliffs. There are tons of hikes you can do in this area including a condor viewing area, Wire Pass, Paw Hole, the Maze rock art site, White Pocket, and so much more.

If you find something you want to do, just double check any permits required and how to get them. Some are in advance, some are in person, some are walk-in, some are online.

Most activities are accessible via House Rock Valley Road but there is also a wildlife refuge and viewing area off of Highway 89A, the same as Lees Ferry and Marble Canyon.

On the way to Paria Townsite

2 hours from Page

We’re in the homestretch now with legit full-day trips from Page. There aren’t too many of these and a couple of them are just good stops for a southwest US road trip or Utah road trip anyway. But for this post we’re pretending you’re just based in Page for like, a week.

rainbow bridge national monument
Rainbow Bridge, one of the top things to see on Lake Powell

Rainbow Bridge

First up is Rainbow Bridge, a natural bridge on Lake Powell. You can visit Rainbow Bridge on your own by renting a boat or you can take a private tour there. Sometimes there are public boat tours going there as well but low water levels may effect that.

Rainbow Bridge is one of the best things to do in Lake Powell, but it’s a little more work to get to than it was a few years ago. The hiking distance will vary with the water levels but it will be farther than usual right now. A few things to keep in mind if you plan to visit Rainbow Bridge as of April 2022:

  • If you’re renting a boat and want to see Rainbow Bridge, make sure the fuel capacity is enough to get you there an back since Dangling Rope is closed for good.
  • To get to land and do the hike, you may need a kayak or something small. Park a boat on the shore at your own risk.
  • The shore may be muddy, I’m not sure, but it might be. As the water level goes down, it can be muddy on the shore or the backs of canyons.
  • You can do a private tour to Rainbow Bridge from Wahweap, so a captain would be driving the boat instead of you. It’s $265 per hour and will take six hours, give or take. Availability of this may also be effected by water levels.
coral pink sand dunes state park Utah
A great Page day trip so see unique sand dunes

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is a cool state park with, you guessed it, pinkish sand dunes between Kanab, Zion, and St. George. You can climb the dunes, go sand sledding, or UTV-ing.

There isn’t anywhere to rent these things so you have to bring them yourself but even just hiking there is fun and the dunes are pretty cool. They’re not too big, not too small.

There is a $10 entrance fee per vehicle. This is a cool park but not one I would go to on a windy or very hot day because the sand would be miserable. This would be a good one to do driving between Page or Kanab and the St. George/Hurricane area.

Watchman trail zion national park Utah
One of the best views in Zion on the Watchman Trail

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a nice easy, straightforward day trip from Page. I would start your day very early if you plan to do this as a day trip though just to make sure you can find parking easily and beat at least some of the crowds.

Unless you got a permit for Angels Landing ahead of time, I wouldn’t plan on hiking that but enjoying some of the other trails in the park.

Good hiking choices for a day trip to Zion from Page would be The Narrows, Watchman Trail, Sand Bench Trail, Canyon Overlook, or the Emerald Pools Trail. There are also some great adventure tours you can do in Zion listed below.

There is a $35 entry fee for Zion but the national park pass will get you in here as well as Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Wupatki, Sunset Crater, and both rims of the Grand Canyon listed below.

Emerald pools trail zion utah
Emerald Pools is a great hike to do on a day trip to Zion from Page

National Park Goodies

Zion tours

Photo by BLM on Flickr

White Pocket

White Pocket is one of the places in the Vermillion Cliffs that you don’t need a permit for but you do need a 4WD/high-clearance vehicle to get here. Experience driving that and in deep sand is also highly recommended. If you don’t have that, you can join a hiking tour here!

This is probably one of the best places to photograph in Utah and one of the best day trips from Page. It’s a great place for hiking and stargazing. This is one of the places I wanted to really go before we left but I didn’t get too. Next time!

Book a White Pocket hiking tour here.

wupatki pueblo arizona
A unique day trip from Page to see ruins at Wupatki National Monument

Wupatki and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monuments

** Literally as I’m writing this a wildfire is raging outside of Flagstaff and it burned Sunset Crater in it’s entirety. It is closed indefinitely but their website or Facebook page should have updates.**

We’re switching things up and heading south for the Page day trip. Wupatki and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monuments are a short drive from Flagstaff and right next to each other making it super easy to visit both.

Wupatki National Monument is a great place to see ruins in the area. There are three or four that you can easily hike to. The Wupatki Pueblo behind the visitor center is the biggest. I love this this little monument!

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument has a few short hikes through volcanic rock which is a cool change of scenery for the area. I love this monument a lot, too.

If you really want to see more here, you can explore downtown Flagstaff, part of Route 66, or even hike to more ruins at Walnut Canyon National Monument on the east side of Flagstaff.

cedar breaks national monument utah
Cedar Breaks, my favorite Page day trip

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks National Monument and Bryce Canyon are the exact same distances as each other from Page and both make great day trips. I’ve done this one as a day trip and you could do quite a bit in that day even though it’s one of the longer drives.

Cedar Breaks is like a mini Bryce Canyon with similar hoodoos and a lot less people. There is plenty of hiking here and if you’re visiting in the summer, it’s one of the best places to beat the desert heat since it’s a much higher elevation.

It’s near Brian Head and they both get quite a bit of snow in the winter. A summer visit also means you might get to experience the Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival!

This is a few weeks where wildflowers are blooming and special events are held. It’s also one of the best places for stargazing in Utah and they have a festival for that, too.

Bryce Canyon National Park with snow
Bryce Canyon is an easy day trip from Page

Bryce Canyon National Park

Like Cedar Breaks, Bryce Canyon might seem too far for a day trip from Page but it’s a nice drive and it’s easy. It will be busier at Bryce Canyon than Cedar Breaks but it’s worth it.

While you’re here, be sure to do the whole scenic drive and stop at all the overlooks. Hiking into the hoodoos is a must-do here, too, and the Queens Garden/Navajo Loop Trail is the best for that.

Above the rim, the Sunset to Sunrise Point hike is nice and the Mossy Cave Trail to a waterfall closer to Cannonville is also short and sweet. This is also a great park for stargazing.

Monument valley without a guide

Monument Valley

Monument Valley, everyone knows it even if they don’t know it. This is a common road trip stop but if you’re in Page for a few days, it makes a great day trip. And you could stop at Navajo National Monument on the way!

While you’re here, be sure to drive the scenic loop road inside the park. As long as it’s dry most cars should be able to drive this road. It is dirt but it is rough. We did it in a Honda Civic a few years ago just fine and a Ford Escape the year before (one of the small SUV ones).

If you don’t want to drive your own car, you can join a guided tour (or one of the other unique ones below) instead. If you want to do some hiking, there’s really only one option: the 3.9-mile Wildcat Trail around one of the mittens.

Masks are still required and only so many cars are let in per hour. You can keep up with any changes like this on the park website.

Monument Valley Arizona

Monument Valley tours

Thanks father!

Grand Canyon North Rim

You would think a day trip to the North Rim from Page would be closer than the South Rim but they’re actually almost the exact same distance! The North Rim just isn’t as busy as the south and it’s much cooler, temperature wise.

There is only one trail that goes below the rim here, the North Kaibab Trail, but there are plenty of other great things to see and do here without the crowds of the South Rim.

Make the drive out to Cape Royal, stop at Point Imperial, stop at Walhalla Overlook and the Walhalla Glades Pueblo, enjoy the view at Roosevelt Point, and see Bright Angel Point, arguably the best North Rim view.

shoshone point grand canyon national park
The Grand Canyon is one of the best day trips from Page

Grand Canyon South Rim

Finally, last but certainly not least, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The South Rim sees almost all of the Grand Canyon visitors (the North Rim gets about 10% of the South Rim visitors) and is hotter, but is also home to more hikes and a lot more activities.

This is where you can ride the Grand Canyon Railway to/from Williams, visit art galleries, see the Desert Watchtower, bike the Rim Trail, take a scenic flight or a helicopter tour, or hike to the Shoshone Point.

It’s the easiest part of the park to access but it’s got some of the best views of the Grand Canyon, too. Whether you visit as a day trip from Page or spend a day or two here, it will be worth it.

Grand Canyon South Rim tours

sunset utah
Not far from Alstrom Point, one of the best places to visit in Page

If you’ve been wondering what to do in Page, AZ, I hope this post was helpful. I remember searching and just seeing the same few things on every list so I hope with this one you found a few new things you may not have heard of otherwise.

It can be overwhelming deciding what to do on a southwest road trip and too many choices can be even worse but it’s nice to see some variety and hear from someone local that’s done almost everything, sometimes more than once.

Have you been to Page? What did you do there? What did you think of it? What is your favorite thing to do in Page? Your favorite hike near Page?

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