Daydreaming of the Corn Islands

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The Corn Islands in Nicaragua were one of my favorite parts of my trip.  Definitely my highlight of Nicaragua.  Little Corn Island was just the perfect little place.  All of the backpackers that went there described it as a holiday in a holiday.  That’s pretty accurate.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like water activities that much, so an island might not seem like my first choice, but I would go back in a heartbeat, even if I had to do it by land and sea again.  It was a week of laying around, drinking coffee, and reading with the occasional dip in the ocean.


In the morning I would just gear up with my book and head all the way to the beach.  This sounds really far, but our beach hut was, well, right on the beach.  This was pretty ideal for my newly adopted lifestyle.  As much as I like reading though, I had to switch it up.

This meant grabbing my book, and sometimes camera, and heading to the Turnt Turtle.  (It’s actually Turned Turtle, but that’s just not as fun.) This was the place to go for the best pina coladas, the best book exchange, and the best food.  One day I walked around most of the island.  I say most because about halfway, I got thirsty so I stopped for food and a beverage and ended up going back to my beach spot.  I tried stand up paddle boarding one day too.  It didn’t go the best, but I would probably try it again.


Lately I’ve been plagued with the decision of where to go next.  Guatemala and the Corn Islands keep making their way into my mind, but I want to go somewhere new.  So for now I just look back at my pictures and live vicariously through those and my memories, which is good enough for me right now.  It’s hard to beat a little place like this, that’s for sure.


Have you been to the Corn Islands?  Want to?  What did you think of them?  Which picture is your favorite?


4 thoughts on “Daydreaming of the Corn Islands

  1. Visited Corn Islands in March – such a lovely laid back group of islands. Staying at the Little Corn B&B was awesome and the beach bar at Yemaya has great tacos and amazing half price pina coladas during happy hour! Least favorite was the panga ride to get there!! LOL

    In case anyone is interested, my review of Little Corn and Big Corn

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