Explore Bocas del Toro by Bike

I mentioned here that I biked across Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro with my new friend, Kirsten.  This was our plan the night we got there, but morning came and it took us a while to decide where to rent our bikes from.  After a bit of walking, the place across from our hostel seemed like the best choice.

Off we went!  I had a super cool purple bike with a green and yellow plaid seat.  Yeah.  It was super hip.  Not only was it super hip, but it was pretty squeaky too.  I just crossed my fingers that it would get me from one side of the island to the other.


Good news, it did.  I made it across in one piece, but there was a brief moment about halfway across that we both doubted that would happen.  Speed bumps are pretty common and sometimes they’re hard to see.  We both missed the same one within seconds of each other and almost fell off.

More good news, the only thing that fell out was my goldfish and water bottle.  Some poor fish were sacrificed, but it was all for the sake of a successful bike ride.


There were only two roads to take, one went right to Boca del Drago, our goal, the other went to a different beach.  The road to Boca del Drago was fairly hilly and these cruiser bikes do not do well on hills so I walked it more than I would have liked to.  Oh well.

I won’t even pretend I know how long the ride took.  A couple hours maybe?  However long, it was worth it.  The beach was lovely and not super crowded.  That water was eerily calm and surprisingly warm, but neither of us went in much deeper than our knees.  After locking our bikes up, the rest of the path was sand, we headed down the beach in search of food.



Somehow not following the path, we ended up in the just over our knees water and it was kind of gross water, which was the only downfall of that.  Farther down the beach, which was now starfish beach because of all the starfish that live in it, we only saw two, there were some little restaurants so we picked one and had (most likely) delicious food.

After walking the short way to the end of the beach, we set off back the way we came and decided the best plan of action was to get our bikes and hop onto the shuttle back into town with them.  Much better than a couple hours, tired, with lots of hills, that’s for sure.



When the day was over, the long, semi-productive day, we prepared for what ended up being a night of dancing with locals at a cool bar right over the water with another eventful day ahead of us on Bastimentos.  The bike was a good way to get around Isla Colon.  It was cheap and enjoyable.  Renting bikes became my new favorite thing, but it was really almost my last day before going home so I couldn’t do much more.

Have you been to Bocas del Toro?  Which island?  What did you think of it?

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