Albuquerque From Above: A Hot Air Balloon Adventure

My fingers were probably crossed for good weather from the moment we booked our hot air balloon flight.  I’m talking a week of crossed fingers.This is serious business.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved hot air balloons and wanted to ride in one.  When we started planning the southwest road trip, it was one of the first things I looked up.  I then crossed my fingers it would be in my budget.  I did a lot of finger crossing for this adventure.  V2_IMG_9658

It was still dark out when we packed up from our hotel before 5:30 AM.  Too early!  Was it worth it?  Of course!  I would do it again any day!  We were flying in a hot air balloon in 45 minutes!  I wasn’t nervous at all.  Just excited.  Excited enough to volunteer and hold onto stuff while they inflated it.

It was tougher than I imagined and had a hard time keeping my feet on the ground.  It didn’t help that I’m not all that tall.  I had a lot of reaching to do.



There were ten of un in the basket including our pilot and a group of friendly Australians.  It was time for lift off!  The only worry that I ran into was my hair staring on fire.  It didn’t.  My head was just very warm.  Again, worth it.



First, we dipped and dashed in the Rio Grande River, then soared above the peaks of the Sandia Mountains.  We watched twenty other balloons launch from the air.  We waved to countless strangers on the ground.  We asked every ridiculous question we could think of.

Have you ever gotten stuck in a tree?  Nope!

Have you landed on anyones roof?  It’s happened before, gotta land where you can!

What if you hit powerlines?  Just keep going!

Whats the craziest place you’ve landed?  A friendly nudist colony



The daylight grew the longer we were in the air, which was just under an hour.  We had a gentle landing in a lovely neighbor hood park followed by a traditional champagne toast and lesson on the beginning of hot air ballooning.  It was everything I was hoping it would be.  Now maybe I’ll go to Fiesta, the hot air balloon festival, someday.  Maybe I’ll go to one in some other country.  Maybe I’ll try it at home.


This was what I was looking forward to most on the trip and I was not let down.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Have you ever gone hot air ballooning?  Where did you go?  Do you want to do it?


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