Leon: It Was Just Alright

It happens to everyone.  I can’t imagine it not happening to anyone.  I finally found a place that was just not for me.  Not this time.

Leon, Nicaragua.

Me and Leon didn’t really click.  If it weren’t for the people I met there, I probably would have liked it even less.  I had never experienced this before.  I’m not sure what it was either.  Maybe it was too hot.  Maybe I didn’t explore enough.  Maybe I didn’t know what Leon had to offer.


I didn’t totally hate it though.  I just spent a lot of time in the surrounding area.   One day I went to Las Penitas, the little beach town.  One day I went volcano boarding.  And one day I just walked around with someone new.

The nights were more eventful.  One was spent in Las Penitas for a beach party.  One was Tequila Tuesday.  One was street meat with people I had met earlier.  And one was street meet with new friends.  

Maybe this was because it wasn’t as hot at night.  Maybe the food was better at night.  Maybe everyone else was just more active at night, too.  Maybe it was the combination of everything.

I barely even took pictures there.  A grand total of 14.  Yup.  That’s it.  And half of them were of the street meat.  It was that good.


Maybe someday I’ll give Leon another try.  Maybe I’ll plan ahead a little more.  Maybe I’ll finally get to go on the roof of that church.

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