Cadillac Ranch: A Muddy Surprise

Ever since I learned about Cadillac Ranch in my sculpture class, I’ve wanted to go.  The road trip was the perfect opportunity and when I found out it was, sort of, on the route home, I got pretty excited.  I was finally going to see the Cadillacs that were half buried in the fields of Amarillo, Texas.

I imagined Cadillac Ranch to be out in the middle of nowhere.  Wrong.  I imagined it be big and spread out.  Wrong again.  I expected it to be in a dry desert.  Also wrong.

After a couple wrong turns and a U-turn, we finally saw it.  Ten small Cadillacs face first in the mud of a Texas field surrounded by people and garbage.



I knew people could paint the cars.  That’s part of the fun, but I assumed people would bring their garbage with them.  Wrong, yet again.  The cars were surrounded by way too many empty and partially used spray paint cans, just soaking in the mud.  Not the most appealing thing I’ve seen.

I was more bummed that people just left it than I thought I would be.  I wanted to get garbage bags and clean it all up but I had nowhere to put it or anything to put it in.  It was sad to see people treat it this way.  If you didn’t look at the ground, the cars were pretty cool.



Thousands of people have left their mark on the cars with initials, cats paintings, and just random shapes or painted parts.  The idea behind this is awesome.  People from all over the world come to see this if they can and add to the cars with a lot more preparation than we had. We found a couple of cans with paint left to leave our own mark.  If only I found a box of garbage bags there too.



Did I love Cadillac Ranch?  Not particularly.  Would I go again?  Probably not.  Am I glad I went?  Definitely.  It was something I’ve wanted to see for years and I finally got to, but If I went back I would probably just want to go to clean it up.  I wonder if anyone goes to clean it regularly, I hope so.



They make for a great photo opportunity and are fun to paint.  I wouldn’t say don’t go because it’s a cool thing to see.  Ten cars stuck in the ground, open for people to paint whatever they want on isn’t something you can see everywhere, so if you’re in the area, stop by.  Bring a can, but take it with you again.

Have you been to Cadillac Ranch?  What did you think of it?  


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  1. What an interesting spot! I think I have heard of this area before but never have seen too many photos of it. It really is a shame about the cans – I would have the urge to clean up as well haha. Thanks for sharing!!

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