I’m Going to Taiwan!

I did it!  I booked my ticket to Taiwan!  Well, I did it like, a month ago, but still!  I’m leaving in January and get just as many questions as my first trip.


Who are you going with?  Me!

How long are you going?  I have no idea!

Why Taiwan?  Why not!

I actually sort of have reason to go, kind of.  I don’t even remember really.  I just remember seeing something about it on a blog or something a few months ago and I thought “this is a place I need to see.”


So, here I am,  Rough Guide to Taiwan in hand (just kidding, it’s next to me), scouring the Internet and Netflix for anything Taiwan related.

Themed restaurants, dumplings, night markets, mountains, beaches, temples, and tea houses.  I still have no idea what to do there (I’m open to suggestions!)   I have no idea where I’m going after Taiwan (also open to suggestions!)  and I have no idea how long I’m going (you can help fund this here!)

What should I do in Taiwan?  What is your favorite thing about Taiwan?  Where else should I go in Southern Asia?  What can’t I miss? Tell me everything!

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