Guinea Pigs and Clowns in San Andres, Ecuador

San Andres was the town I could never remember.  I knew I liked it, but I didn’t know what it was called.  I didn’t, and still don’t, know what most of the places we stopped in Ecuador were called.  Something to work on in the future I suppose.  Thankfully, back when I saved my pictures, I labeled my folders by day and the main place we stopped.  So I know some of these are from San Andres and some are from that place with ice cream in every shop and clown garbage cans on every corner.

Why clowns?  I wish I knew.  It was pretty bizarre.  The ice cream was good though.  Man, I miss the little strawberry flavored ice cream hearts.  I could eat those all day.  I think I’m off topic.

We had a short stay in San Andres, two nights I think, and one of them was spent on a party bus into Riobamba.  The other night was dinner followed by a birthday party of some local guy.  They gave us whiskey and we danced.

I think it was on our way to San Andres that we tried the guinea pig.  It was delicious.  Weird to see, but delicious.  That was the first of a few weird things we ate.  Llama and cow skin soup soon followed.

This was an odd few days.  Fun though.  I saw a dog on a roof and a statue that reminded me of Voldemort, but with hair.  He’s down at the bottom of the page.  A zip line on a playground was fixed and empanadas were eaten.  I forgot how busy that trip was.













Have you been to Ecuador?  What about San Andres?  What did you think of it?  Which picture is your favorite?

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