To Riobamba and Back

We were in some village outside of Riobamba, I think it was close to San Andres too.  I liked this region.  It was lovely and I got to do some plant hacking.  Pretty exciting stuff.  We also went to a llama museum, walked a llama, then later ate llama.  Not the one we walked, don’t worry.

During the day we wandered around Riobamba a bit, stopping at the market and being told by cops to not take pictures.  We stopped, sort of. Most of us tried some incognito pictures but that makes for a lot of elbows and feet.  The next stop was the hotel again where we had dinner and got on a crazy party bus to go back to Riobamba.  That was really it, just drove there and wandered through a park, saw a lovely church, and went back to the hotel.


That bright truck bus thing in the middle was our sweet ride for the night.

Have you been to Ecuador?  What about Riobamba?  What did you think of it?  Which picture is your favorite?

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