Monkey Mountain

After our morning in the bamboo forest of Arashiyama outside of Kyoto, it was time for the monkey mountian.  After wandering around a bit looking for it, we bough our tickets and started the 15 minute trek to the top.  There were signs along the way warning us to stay away from the monkeys and don’t stop on the trail.  Wait until you’re at the top to take pictures of any.  Why, i’m not sure, but we listened because I was not interested in being torn apart by monkeys that day.


At the top there is a little building that you can feed the monkeys from.  They stay outside, doing their thing, while you go inside and feed them through some wire so they don’t bite you or anything, which they still might be able to.  There were also warnings to not put your face too close to the wire or stick your arms through the holes.  I kept wondering how vicious these monkeys can get.


We hung around the top for a bit admiring some baby monkeys, watching a couple fight, and cleaning each other up.  It was a little intimidating being outside with them, but I still enjoyed it.  It was a cool experience and if you’re in the area and like animals, I would give it a visit.

feed-monkeys monkey-mountain

Have you been to Monkey Mountain?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go?

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