A Pinterest Dream Come True

Well, I’m back.  An un-syncing iPad and bad wifi meant I was giving myself two and a half months off.  While I was in Taiwan, I decided five weeks was a little more than I wanted, so I started looking at flights.  Not knowing much of anything about it, I booked a ticket to Japan!

It was a last minute thing and it left me with two more weeks in Taipei.  I went into Japan with a rough idea of what I wanted to see and do, but no definite plans other than meeting up with a friend I met in Taiwan.

We spent two days in Tokyo before heading over to Kyoto for a few days.  This is where it happened.  A Pinterest dream came true.  I finally went to one of those famous, dreamy bamboo forests.  It was just a short train ride, alright two trains, from Kyoto in Arashiyama.


It was fairly busy at the entrance, but once we walked to the other side there were only a couple people.  It seemed as if most people just took pictures right here and continued on the other way.

To be fair, though, this section is pretty small and only  takes a few minutes to get to the other side.


It’s honestly a little weird.  Definitely not as magical as Pinterest makes it look, as it does everything, but still cool to see.  It was like a normal forest that someone cleared a patch out of and thought “Hmm, what can I do here?  Oh, I know!  I’ll put some bamboo here and pave a path through it!”


This was the empty side, right at the end.  I bet it would be cool around sunrise or sunset.  Maybe just if it was sunny so you could see the light rays through the bamboo.  It was cold, rainy, and cloudy when we went.

Am I glad I went?  Yes.  Would I go back?  Probably, but to see more of it.  Would I recommend it?  Definitely!  There is a lot to do in the area.  I think it would be easy to spend most of a day here.  There is a temple, probably right behind where I took this last picture.  Monkey mountain is close by.  There are quite a few hiking trails.  And you can even do a boat ride on the river near the train station.


Have you been to the bamboo forest in Arashiyama?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go someday?

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