Sun Moon Lake Or Lake Bled

Sun Moon Lake was one of my favorite parts of Taiwan.  Sure, it’s just a lake.  But it’s a really pretty lake.  And thinking about it now,I probably liked it so much because at this point I still wasn’t enjoying Taiwan all that much and it reminded me more of Slovenia than Taiwan.

When I looked out of my hotel window, I actually forgot where I was at least once.  I can’t really give helpful information here either, especially when it comes to getting there and around, but I wish I could.  Instead I can tell you how pretty it is and how cool the pagoda somewhere around it is and that Wen Wu temple is pretty awesome, too.  But those are for later.  The lake is for now.


Have you been to Sun Moon Lake?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go?

3 thoughts on “Sun Moon Lake Or Lake Bled

  1. I want to go. It’s actually not too far from where we live. If only my coworkers or friends liked to do more stuff outdoors! Maybe once it cools off..

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