The End of the Line at Tamsui

I kept telling everyone we need to go to Tamsui!  They would then ask why and I would say, well I’m not actually sure.  Things are going to be a bit out of order here, so my apologies, but also, deal with it.  It was my last day in Taiwan and it was supposed to be hot.  What better thing to do than go to the beach?  This is where we came up with Tamsui.


We hopped onto the red line of the MRT and were off to the end of the line with a vague idea of where we were trying to go.  After our arrival in, I would like to note, sunny Tamsui, it was time to find the bus.  There was a lot of back and forth across the street before deciding which one sounded right.  We hopped on and froze for about fifteen minutes before realizing our stop was coming up.


We pushed the button for the bus to stop and it kept going.  Alright.  So that’s how things work here.  You get off when the bus wants you to get off.  That turned out to be the end of that line by the wharf.  I think this is a good time to point out that it was now foggy and cold.  Missing our bus stop ended up working out because the weather got so terrible.  We just decided to wander around the wharf instead.


There were all kinds of little shops with ice cream.  Kids driving tiny Audis around.  And a few people in those weird cat costumes.  It was a nice place to just wander for an afternoon, but I’m not all that sure what else there is to do there.


Helpful things:

  • From Taipei, you can take the red line of the MRT right to Tamsui, then catch a bus to the wharf.
  • A Tamsui trip can be combined with a trip to the Beitou Hot Springs.
  • Weather can be drastically different between the wharf area and the city part, be prepared with a sweater or something just in case.

Have you been to Tamsui?  What did you do there?  Did you enjoy it?  Do you want to go?


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