Lower Muley Twist Adventures In Capitol Reef

It was my birthday and I wanted to go somewhere.  After rounding up some new friends, we set off for Capitol Reef with, well, no plan.  After following Burr Trail to the end of the paved section, we went left to get to Capitol Reef.  The first part of it is really pretty, but instead of going straight to follow Notom Road, we went left to continue up the switchbacks on Burr.


The view from the top was pretty fantastic, the ride down, a little terrifying.  Totally worth it though.  At the top of the switchbacks is the start of the Lower Muley Twist trail.  I’m not actually sure how long the trail is, as we just followed it for a little bit before turning around.


Like most places I had been up to that point, and continued to go to, we followed a was and were quickly surrounded by towering red rock.  That’s something that never really gets old, and if it does, it must take longer than six months.


This was my second time in capitol Reef, again, not my last, but my only time going up the Burr switchbacks.  It doesn’t look all the exciting from the parking area, but the further in you go, the more enjoyable it became.  I would love to go back and explore further down the trail, Burr and Lower Muley.


Have you been to Capitol Reef?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go?  What about Lower Muley Twist?

Hike Lower Muley Twist

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