A Bucket List Check in Antelope Canyon

I think this is probably on everyone’s bucket list, whether they know it or not.  Ok, that could be wrong, but I bet it is on a lot of lists.  What is it you ask?  Oh wait, you probably read the title already.  It’s Antelope Canyon.  Lower Antelope Canyon to be exact.


Antelope Canyon is a set of slot canyons just outside of page, Arizona.  They glow orange with world famous light beams in the late morning sun, making that the best time for a visit, meaning it’s also the busiest time.

There are a few tour groups to choose from, varying slightly in cost, but offering pretty much the same thing.  About an hour to and hour and a half in the canyon with fun facts about the canyon and formations inside.  There are also two tour options: a photo tour and a regular tour.


In the photo tour you have to have an SLR camera and tripod.  The people in the regular tours will be moved out of the way so they have priority on the top shots.  They are a bit more expensive, but if you want those pictures, it’s worth it.

The regular tours are less, but you aren’t allowed to have a tripod on those.  I didn’t think a tripod was necessary, though.  Maybe if it’s later in the day.


This was the first slot canyon I had ever been in, but certainly not the last, and It was extremely cool.  Yes, it’s busy, but it’s busy for a reason.  The waves of golden orange sandstone guide you through the canyon and almost make you forget how many people are in there with you.

I would definitely recommend a visit there and would love to go back to see Upper Antelope Canyon.  It’s not as busy, and, according to Google images, it looks like it has a totally different feel to it.

lower antelope canyon

Have you been to either Antelope Canyon?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go?


3 thoughts on “A Bucket List Check in Antelope Canyon

  1. Yes, I have been to both. Personally, I love the Lower Antelope canyon. It had fewer visitors compared to the Upper canyons.
    But yes, both are spectacular!

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