Bryce Canyon, Because Why Not?

Last July I went to Bryce Canyon for the first time.  This June I went back and it was totally different.  This time it was nice and warm and sunny.  This trip was a bit more spontaneous, but being only 5ish hours away this summer, I figured, why not?

This time we stopped at a couple overlooks, the Natural Bridge and Inspiration point for sure, but we wanted to do some kind of hike so we followed the trail from Sunset Point to Inspiration Point.

The trail isn’t terribly long, and not very strenuous, so it would be good for pretty much anyone.  It follows the ridge above the famous hoodoos at Inspiration Point giving you an overlook of Navajo Loop trail, which goes into the canyon from Sunset Point.

I would love to go back, again, to actually hike Navajo Loop.  Both times I wanted to go into the canyon, but didn’t know how or wasn’t quite prepared.  Now I know and definitely plan on going back for more.  It seems to be a whole new experience every time.



Have you been to Bryce Canyon?  What is your favorite hike?  Do you want to go?

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