Surprise Canyon in Capitol Reef

The best part about working at night was that I had all morning to go do stuff and explore.  This time is was Surprise Canyon in Capitol Reef.  It was my second time in the park and this time I had a goal.  I might not have remembered what it was called before I got there, but I knew where it was.


After the drive down Burr Trail, its not too far into the park.  The trailhead and parking is on the left.  The trail itself is pretty easy to follow, and believe it or not, leads into a wash making it easier to follow.  The first section is among the sagebrush, cactus, and juniper trees.


Once you get to the wash, the canyon walls start to tower over you on both sides.  They never really stop being impressive, at least not for me yet.  Eventually the trail comes to a bit of a tight spot.  It becomes a sort of alcove that we couldn’t quite get past.  There were six of us and two dogs, so we decided to turn back there.  And we didn’t want to get stuck.  You can probably squeeze through, or climb over, but I would be careful.


It was a pretty cool trail, but I’ve seen other things that I’ve liked far more.  It is a good way to spend a morning or afternoon, though and the views and canyon are pretty stellar.  Maybe next time I would be able to get a little farther along.


Have you been to Capitol Reef?  What about Surprise Canyon?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go?

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